GOAT DAY (2 options) – Thursday 3/11/21


GOAT DAY (2 options) – Thursday 3/11/21

Please welcome our newest coach, Chrisy Cook!

“I joined CFR in April of 2018 and I never looked back. At first it was about loosing weight for me but then it became so much more. A place where I could heal my soul and love on others the way that the CrossFit Republic family has loved on me. I believe God has definitely put me here for a reason.

I started working at CFR about a year after I joined. I helped clean then started working the desk. My favorite part is loving on people as they walk through the door. I became a coach to continue to love on people and help them in there fitness journey. Being healthy not only helps us stay active for many years to come it also helps us emotionally and spiritually.

A little about me…I was born in Los Angeles California. I moved to Missouri for a better life for me and daughter. I joined the Army to provide for my daughter. I met my husband in the army and served my country overseas in Iraq. I have 5 kids all together ages ranging from 7 to 17. I do struggle with PTSD and have found with the support of my CFR family it has become a bit easier to manage. I am an Registered Nurse but I have stepped back to spend more time with my children and work on myself.

I am really excited to help others find joy in fitness and to serve as your coach at CrossFit Republic!”


  • Potential schedule for the 3 weeks of the CrossFit Open:
    • THURSDAY: Goat Days
    • FRIDAY: Open Workout
    • SATURDAY: Tri-Sprint Intervals (V1, V2, V3)
    • SUNDAY: Rest
    • MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: Normal Programming and Redo Open Workout for those that desire

* Class Notes For Friday’s Open Workout Will Aimed to Be Written Immediately Following the Announcement on Thursday

Please read about GOAT DAYS!

  • “Goat” is CrossFit slang for a movement that challenges us
  • Examples: Double Unders, Pull-ups, Overhead Squats, Handstand Push-ups
  • These are the best days to turn perceived weaknesses into strengths
  • No better way to do that than today
  • We don’t improve our technique with a high heart rate – that’s what we refer to as “training”
  • Today is geared towards “practice,” dialing in our mechanics with a controlled heart rate
  • As an example, to improve the technique of double unders, we want to practice at a low-intensity where we can really focus on the mechanics of the hands and the timing of the jump
  • When we couple “training” with “practice” throughout the week in the right doses, we set ourselves on the fast track to results
  • Choose two “Goats” to work on, and we’ll alternate between them on each minute
  • Choose an appropriate rep scheme for each movement that keeps things in the practice intensity range

*For the next few Thursdays during the Open, we will run these Goat Days

  • Since we do not know what movements will come out for Friday’s workout, this is an opportunity for athletes to choose what they would like to do as opposed to programming movements that may or may not show up tomorrow (Friday)
  • Athletes have the option to stick with the same movements each week or switch things up
  • There are pros and cons to both.
  • Sticking to the same movements and creating a “mini progression” can be very helpful
  • If the movement athletes are working on come up in the Open, they may want to switch to something that hasn’t come up yet to get prepared for that
  • No right or wrong answer here.
  • Knowing these Goat Days are coming, we can be proactive and get out ahead of things
  • Start brainstorming ideas on movements and rep schemes
  • This makes for a smoothly run class on the day of
  • There may be some of you who just want to come in and get a killer workout in
  • Turning these into more of a conditioning piece is also an option
  • Athletes can alternate between two cardio movements for 20 minutes if they’d like
  • To make things simple, we’ll provide an option for each week

OPTION 1: Your choice on movements.
On the Minute x 20:
Odd: Movement 1
Even: Movement 2


On the Minute x 20:
Minute 1: 1 Round of “Cindy”
Minute 2: 15/12 Calorie Machine

1 rounds of Cindy “5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats

Below are examples of a few different other options for Goat Days:

Practice Example 1:
On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 45 Seconds Double Under Practice
Even Minutes: 5-10 Handstand Push-ups

Practice Example 2:
On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 3-5 Ring Muscle-ups
Even Minutes: 30 Seconds Handstand Walk

Practice Example 3:
On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 7 Power Snatches (40%)
Even Minutes: 2 Rope Climbs

Cardio Example 1:
On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 1 Minute Bike
Even Minutes: 1 Minute Sit-ups

Cardio Example 2:
On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 12 Calorie Row
Even Minutes: 12 Burpees

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-12:00]
6 Minutes For Quality
1 Minute Machine
1 Minute Push-up to Down Dog Video
1 Minute Side Plank (30 Second Each) Video
1 Minute Single Leg Glute Bridges (30 Seconds Each) Video
1 Minute Sit-ups
1 Minute Wall Squats Video

MOBILITY [12:00-15:00]
Wall Twist: 1 Minute Each Side

MOVEMENT PREP [15:00 – 30:00]

  • Movement prep will be different for each athlete based on their movements
  • This is where athletes setup equipment if necessary and coaches can continue to assist with structure and coaching
  • Before the real thing, we can run through a quick practice round to ensure logistics

WOD [30:00 – 50:00]

  • No strategy for this, as today is more of a focused practice session
  • The only think to keep in mind is the why behind the day
  • Rather than competing or training hard, athletes can look to maintain a high focus and lower heart rate
  • With this day being lower intensity, the minutes will not likely be full of work
  • This allows for more teaching within the workout than most days