W.O.D. Friday 6/22/18


W.O.D. Friday 6/22/18

*If you look at this workout and say “oh snatch, hmmm”, this means you should be here.  You were called out gently there. 😛   Come work on this very technical lift, because ain’t any of us where we want to be YET, but working on weaknesses is a part of growth, and who wants to stay the same?  (called out again 😉    See you at CFR!

Snatch – 8 minutes

Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes complete the complex…
Snatch + Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat

  • Increase in weight as you go to achieve a heavy or max lift for the day
  • Do not skip minutes for more rest and to hit bigger weight, hit every minute – your last rep must be before the 8:00 hits the clock or it does not count!
  • Snatch may be power or squat (if you are looking to heighten your skill level or even compete someday, you need to focus on the squat snatch, no matter what weight you achieve today)
  • The word “complex” means you hold on the whole time and do not rest with the bar on the ground.  Once you pick up the bar, all movements have to connect to each other before dropping.

Conditioning WOD – 10 minutes

Climb the ladder as high as possible in 10 minutes of…

30 Double Unders

1 Snatch 185/125

30 DUs

2 Snatch

and so on, 30,3… 30, 4… increasing a heavy snatch by 1 rep each round…

*Your snatch weight should be something that is difficult to do more than one at a time. Something you have to focus on technique because of fatigue but can still move (for some of you, 85% of what you achieved in the above complex)

*Scale double unders 1:1 with bar hops or 2:1 with singles (jump ropes for sale up front)

Post greatest weight on the complex achieved and rounds + reps achieved on conditioning!

Make a conscious choice each day to walk empowered and in victory of who you are and what you are worth. Stop looking behind you, you aren’t going that way. 


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