Team W.O.D. Monday 8/20/18 – Yoga is back, Barbell class moved – see details!


Team W.O.D. Monday 8/20/18 – Yoga is back, Barbell class moved – see details!

Reminder that YOGA IS BACK and starts tonight, 7:30PM!

(Barbell has been moved from this time and converted to an 8 week cycle starting Sept 3rd.  Please see the CFR Family page or CFR Facebook page for details or wait for a formal announcement tomorrow on here, for all the details!)

Watch this fun video with our Yoga instructor, Heather Worthy, also known as Heather Yoga on Facebook, and read the details below!

Starting next week, August 20th, Monday nights at 7:30PM and Thursday mornings at 10:15AM, with childcare included, yoga takes place with a highly skilled, certified instructor who will lead you through a 45-60min session. No matter who you are, this is huge for your performance in everyday life, preventative injury, quality of life, athletic abilities, and overall health.

We’ll be offering unlimited monthly yoga for a rate of only $20 to add onto to your current CFR agreements (only $2.50 a session with 8-10 yoga sessions a month!), a $25 unlimited yoga plan for non-CFR members, OR a $10 drop-in for anyone, member or non-member that wants to stop by here and there and take a minute for themselves. We hope the unlimited rate would be worth it to anyone as typical single sessions are $10-20 in the surrounding area!

Team Conditioning/Strength WOD – 35 minutes

Teams of 3… As many rounds + reps as possible in 25 minutes of…
30 Clean and Jerks 135/95
10 Rope Climbs
30 Bar over Burpees

*While 2 teammates are working, one teammate must be running a 400m.  When they return, another teammate will leave to run while the other two teammates continue to work.

25-35 minutes complete…

Teams must find a 1 rep clean and jerk total! (add all weight together achieved individually)

*Must only have 1 bar.  If mixed teams of male and female, you may have 2 bars.  One for the female(s) and one for the male(s).  This means to be ready to add and take off wait quickly for each other as you share the same bar!

*Scaling rope climbs – 4 rope pulls per rope climb OR 4 rings + 4 knees to elbows on rig per rope climb

*On the 1 rep clean and jerk – 10 minutes is not a long time to find a 1 rep using only 1 bar between teammates.  Be efficient with your transitions and be ready to make larger jumps as you may only get 4-5 attempts.

*If unable to have teams of 3 due to odd number of athletes, teams of 2 will complete the workout with one athlete running and one working and then switching accordingly.  If a team of 1, please join another team and “shadow” meaning you work when another athlete on that teams works, and you rest when they rest.

Post rounds + reps achieved by your team and total weight achieved by your team on the clean and jerk!