7 year Anniversary! W.O.D. Monday 5/11/20


7 year Anniversary! W.O.D. Monday 5/11/20

Are you guys ready to party?! Let’s celebrate our 7 year anniversary!

What we’ve seen through the years, the lives changed, CFR’s influence in the community, and the growth of the gym was something I never knew possible. But thanks to you, our staff, and God above, we continue to thrive and make a difference not just in the gym, but outside of it as well.

Let’s celebrate… even while social distancing 😉

To commemorate the journey of 2020 the right way and all that’s been thrown at us as a community, here are our anniversary shirts that will be for sale up front. STRONGER TOGETHER! (Notice in small print on the back is says “7 years and going strong”)

Up front at the gym, you’ll be able feel the material on the samples if needed, and write down your order in the binder, and then proudly wear these bad boys!

Love you all, and all that you’ve done for Jen and me (Macy)

“The only difference between feedback and criticism, is how you hear it.” – Tim Grover

We are defensive creatures. It’s in our nature for self-preservation.

We’ve all related to a time where we felt threatened by feedback. Where we felt like we were being attacked. Much like the primal man, self-preservation kicks in. But outside of that uncomfortable moment, we recognize that feedback is the best thing for us. It’s the secret sauce to improvement. So how can we train our minds to receive it as so?

Remind ourselves, whenever we have the luxury to receive feedback (because it is), there is no downside. There literally isn’t. Even if the feedback or advice is something we can’t use at all, or it doesn’t fit our goals, we still gained insight from another’s point of view or angle.

Whenever feedback comes our way, it’s a gift. If we can remind ourselves of this as the feedback comes, we’ll never hear “criticism” again.

Strength/Conditioning WOD – 20 min cap

For Time :
21 Clean and Jerks (155/105)
100 Double Unders
21 Clean and Jerks (155/105)

On the Minute: Starting with 0:00 complete 7 Wallballs (20/14)


  • The wallballs will interrupt your progress as your try to work through reps on the barbell and jump rope
  • Every minute on the minute, you’ll complete 7 wallballs
  • With whatever time remains in the minute, work through as many reps as possible of clean and jerks or double unders
  • Pick up wherever you left off following the 7 wallballs
  • Your score is the total time it takes you to complete the 3 stations
  • There is a 20 minute time cap on this workout


  • We’re looking to move a moderate weight clean and jerk in this workout
  • This should be a load that you can complete for 12+ reps unbroken when fresh
  • Within the workout, these are likely small sets or quick singles


  • If you have the capacity to do over 100 double unders unbroken, let’s complete the prescribed numbers
  • If you’re under that number, consider reducing the reps or choosing a variation that you can complete within 2 minutes when fresh
  • See further down the page for “subs”


  • Choose a weight that allows you to complete the 7 reps unbroken to start each minute


  • The numbers can seem big when looking at this workout on paper, but within the workout, we can approach them in more manageable chunks
  • Completing quick singles on the barbell following the sets of 7 wallballs can help you keep moving forward at all costs
  • Singles in the first set of clean and jerks can also help you string together bigger sets of double unders
  • If there is one place that you would want to go bigger on the barbell, it’s the final set of 21
  • As you approach the end of the workout, see if you can speed up your barbell cycle time to avoid having to do another set of wallballs
  • Fast transitions from movement to movement from the beginning can help you save time in the long run


  • Reduce Reps
  • 200 Single Unders