Benchmark W.O.D. Friday 7/19/19


Benchmark W.O.D. Friday 7/19/19


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” -Peter Drucker

In business, this is ever important for leaders to fully understand. That the culture of a team is everything. Over any marketing plans, product launches… anything.

The same is true for us as athletes.

We’ve all heard the line, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”. The picture perfect strategy, executed half-heartedly, will always be beaten by the less-than-ideal strategy, but executed with full heart.

Our character is our back bone. It won’t be our strategy that we fall back to in round 4 of “Nancy”. In our darkest hour, where we need it the most, we will fall back to something far deeper. Our character. Our purpose for doing what we do. Cultivate that, and everything else falls into place.

Strength – 15 minutes

Find a heavy 1 rep overhead squat

Benchmark WOD – “Nancy”

5 Rounds for time of…
400 Meter Run
15 Overhead Squats 95/65


  • Completing a Classic CrossFit benchmark workout today


  • Choose an overhead squat weight that you can complete in 1-2 sets each round
  • If you’re on the fence, lighter and unbroken is the better option
  • If unable to overhead squat, front squats are the next best option


  • If unable to run:
    • 500 Meter Row
    • 28/20 Calorie Bike

Everything Up
Our only thought today on the barbell is “up”. Even as we are squatting down, the focus is on keeping everything up. Let’s keep the chest up, the bar up, and our eyes up. We spent a fair amount of time mobilizing and activating in order to better allow this to happen.

Keeping the chest up ensures that the shoulders are in a better position. When the chest drops, we tend to have to over-reach with the shoulders to keep the weight centered.

Keep the bar up means that we are maintaining an active position throughout. When the elbows get soft, the weight is harder to control. Keep the elbows locked and weight supported by punching up into the bar.

Finally, the eyes play a big role in keeping everything else in position. If the eyes drop, so may the chest and bar. Find a spot across the room, not on the floor, to keep the eyes on throughout the whole squat.

Everything Up
All athletes have to do to run is fall forward and pulling the feet up off the ground to change which leg is supporting the body weight. This allows gravity to do most of the work. If athletes are focused on the landing, it means they are focused on pushing through the ground and using a lot of energy from muscle. With plenty of pushing through the ground happening on the overhead squat, we can shift our focus to simply pulling the foot up off the ground. You can distinctly hear the difference between a clunky landing and a soft pull up. The softer the landing, the better the pull. Keep the feet light and time in contact with the ground minimal as we go out for the runs today.


  • Aim for consistency in speed across the five rounds today


  • Run at a pace that allows you to go big on the overhead squats
  • Find you maximum sustainable running pace that allows you to go ideally unbroken
  • The more confident you are on the bar, the faster you should run
  • The less confident you are on the barbell, the slower you should run


  • Shoot for 1-2 sets on the squats, but these are ideally unbroken if we chose the right weight
  • If you need a quick break, go with something like 8-7 or 9-6