Benchmark W.O.D. “Lead Foot” and Endurance Tuesday – 5/14/19


Benchmark W.O.D. “Lead Foot” and Endurance Tuesday – 5/14/19


“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.” – Reba McEntire

As we start our day, let’s think about these three.

Wishbone – Nothing is too great, or out of reach. Faith and doubt are both self-fulling prophecies.

Backbone – The unbreakable will to give our best, regardless of the circumstances. Through the lens of the growth-mindset, every outcome is an opportunity to become better.

Funnybone – We do life for one reason: to enjoy it. If we aren’t enjoying what we’re doing, we need to find something else. As Oscar Wilde writes, “Life is too short to take things seriously.” Let’s enjoy the ride.

Benchmark W.O.D. – 24 minutes (if 2 heats)

*Anytime you see a workout with the words “benchmark” next to it, make sure to post your score, as you’ll see these workouts again and be able to compare your fitness over time.

Coaches- consider rolling rowers to main floor for quick transitions to burpees and rig work

As many rounds + reps in 4 minutes of…
27/21 Calorie Row

27 Burpees

27 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Rest 4 minutes

As many rounds + reps in 4 minutes of…

21/15 Calorie Row

21 Burpees

21 Toes to Bar

Rest 4 minutes

As many rounds + reps in 4 minutes of…
15/9 Calorie Row

15 Burpees

15 Pull-ups

*Benchmark workout of high intensity body weight intervals

  • Looking to increase our rounds and reps with each AMRAP, as the reps decrease
  • Adjust reps or movements to roughly accomplish the following:
    • 1st AMRAP: Almost 1 Round
    • 2nd AMRAP: 1 Round
    • 3rd AMRAP: 1+ rounds


  • Standard burpees, requiring chest to deck and a clap overhead


  • Choose gymnastic variations you can complete 12-15 unbroken when fresh


  • Stagger heats on opposite 4-minute intervals if short on rowers
  • 24 minute workout with 2 heats

Feet Out Rowing
Rowing with the idea of the feet out of the straps helps us stay connected to the machine. The more connected we are to the machine, the stronger leg drive we can get and the faster we can accumulate calories.

Rowing with the feet out also helps prevent a big lean back at the finish of the stroke. Especially with burpees and toes to bar in the workout, we don’t want to tax the core any more than we need to by leaning way back. Don’t rely on the straps to catch you. Focus on continuing to push with the feet and keep the lean back minimal.

Coming out of the burpee, we can step or jump. Stepping will keep the heart rate down a little more, while jumping will be the quicker option. On either of these options, we’re looking for the feet to land just outside of the hands with the knees bent. This ensures the whole foot is on the ground and the chest is upright. We want to avoid jumping the feet between the hands and landing on the toes.

On all of our gymnastics movements today, the focus will be keeping the feet and legs glued together. The tighter we stay, the less we weigh. Instead of thinking about having two legs, picture yourself as a mermaid. One tail moving together throughout the entire movement.

Toes to Bar Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Feet as High as Possible
Knees Up

Chest to Bar / Pull-up Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Regular Pull-ups (For Chest to Bar)
Jumping Pull-ups
Banded Pull-ups
Ring Rows
Strict Pull-ups (15 for 1st AMRAP, 10 for 3rd)


  • Looking to increase our score slightly with each AMRAP
  • Find a pace on the first two movements that gives you enough time and energy to thrive at the gymnastics


  • Strong, but controlled pace to start each AMRAP
  • Focus on power instead of speed in order to keep the heart rate lower


  • Similar to the rowing pace
  • Strong, but controlled in order to set yourselves up for solid gymnastics


  • Choose a rep scheme that limits how much you’re resting
  • Big sets can often cause us to burnout and take long breaks
  • The smaller approach might be better in the big picture for the majority of athletes (3-5 reps)
  • Strong gymnasts will likely be able to hold on for larger sets between 5-10 reps

*Reminder – An endurance workout is offered every Tue and Thur alongside our regular workout. These endurance workouts typically include a longer time duration, lighter weights combined with extra running, rowing or air biking. If you do not finish them or feel they are too challenging due to total time of work, feel free to scale or adjust the time occasionally.

CFR Endurance WOD – 35 min cap

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps/cals of…

Toes to Bar
Ski Erg
Jumping Pullups

*On jumping pullups, you must have full arm extension at the bottom and then chin above bar at top, no matter how much your legs do or don’t assist you is not a factor. Stand on a box or jumping off the ground is up to you