Benchmark W.O.D. Monday 4/22/19


Benchmark W.O.D. Monday 4/22/19

FitKids at CrossFit Republic!

CrossFit Republic FitKids is a 2x a week, ongoing fitness program designed to teach all kids good movement and keep them active and safe through a variety of fun activities, games and workouts, helping them become physically and mentally confident in their growing bodies.

Days: Mondays and Thursdays

Time: Mondays 5:30PM K-5th, Thursdays (Skill Development class) 5:30PM 2nd-5th

What: FitKids Mondays 5:30pm

-Available for kids in grades K-5 (members and non-members)
-Multiple coach led classes
-Child will warm up, workout and play games all in a friendly and fun group setting.
-Year long programming, join in anytime!

Our goal at CFR FitKids is to have your child learn good movement and keep them active and safe through a variety of fun activities, games and workouts. We introduce the fundamentals of functional fitness to your child appropriate for their age and ability level. We also discuss topics on health and wellness like staying active outside of the gym, sound food and meal choices and good rest and recovery practices. These methods and programming are research backed and based on training methodologies presented for kids by CrossFit.

FitKids Skill Development Thursdays 5:30pm

-Must be enrolled in our Monday classes to attend this session- our 2 day a week program)
-Available for 2nd grade and older (based upon maturity level)
-Large focus on fundamentals of movements
-Develop technique while increasing balance, coordination, speed and agility.
-Year long programming, join in anytime!

At the Skill Development class kids will become more familiar and confident with the foundational movements presented in FitKids. By expanding on technique and integrating these movements and accessory work in fun challenges and enjoyable games your child will build strength, efficiency, awareness and increase their overall physical literacy. Skill Development affords more individualized coaching for FitKids to grow in sport and gain abilities to climb, jump, run, better, higher and faster.

How long is class: Approximately 50 minute class, as the FitKid coaches will grab your kiddo from the childcare room and then take them back to the childcare room before the hour is over for pick up

Price: 2x a week – $55 a month ($45 for additional sibling)
1x a week – $40 a month ($35 for additional sibling)
*Pay in full for 3,6,or 12 months for 10% off total

Cap per class: 20 kids (spots are consistently full or close to full. Please call or message to inquire on any openings)


Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish artist, was walking through the market one day when a young woman spotted him and ran over. She asked with great excitement and admiration for him to draw a picture for her as she handed over a piece of paper.

Pablo smiled, and obliged. He quickly drew a small, but beautiful, piece of art on the tiny piece of paper.
Absolutely stunned by the speed of such quality drawing, she asks – “But, Mr. Picasso, how is that possible? That only took you thirty seconds to draw this masterpiece!”

Pablo smiled again, and replied “My good woman, it took me 30 years to draw that masterpiece in thirty seconds.”
As we grow, give ourselves permission to create junk. To be able to laugh off mistakes, and get better through their lessons learned. We all want to thrive and do well, 100% of the time. But our own judgement, can become our worst enemy. Judge less, and practice more. That’s the secret sauce.

Strength – 15 minutes

Build to Heavy 3 rep front squat

  • Athletes will have 15 minute to build to their heavy set of 3
  • We want to challenge ourselves with weights, but not go to a true 3RM, which could negatively affect our squats in “Heartbreak Kid”
  • Looking to spread the effort out across our two pieces today

Conditioning and Benchmark WOD -15 min cap

*Anytime you see a workout with the words “benchmark” next to it, make sure to post your score, as you’ll see these workouts again and be able to compare your fitness over time.

3 Rounds for time of…
10 Front Squats (185/135)
20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
50 Double Unders


  • Front squat focused two part workout
  • “Heartbreak Kid” should be completed under 12 minutes (4 minutes per round)


  • Heavy, but good looking triple from the rack in part one
  • Looking for a moderately heavy weight in part two that you can take from the floor
  • No more than one break per round during “Heartbreak Kid”


  • Should be able to get the chest to bars and double unders in 1-2 sets when fresh
  • Substitutions below

Stay Tight
The tighter we stay on both of these movements, the less it feels like we weigh. Keep the belly on with the feet and arms close to the center of the body throughout the swing and jump. This is about being streamlined. It is easier to steer the vehicle when the chassis is locked down.

Double Under Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
75 Single Unders
1 Minute of Practice

Chest to Bar Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Chin Over Bar Pull-ups
10 Strict Pull-ups
Ring Rows
Banded Pull-ups
Jumping Pull-ups

Bracing & Breathing
Our breath can help create a belt if we use it the right way. We typically put a belt below the rib cage where there is no support from our skeleton, only our midline muscles. The way we create a belt is by filling our belly up with air. Rather than sucking our stomach in, we want to push out to create some pressure. This constant outward pressure creates stability and acts as our belt.

As we squat down and initially stand up, we want to hold this “bubble” in. Once we have gotten past the “sticking point” on the way up (when we know we have the rep) is when we can let that air out and repeat the cycle. Let’s use our breath today to help us lift heavier, safer, and more efficient.


  • Use the first round to feel things out
  • Maintain in the second round
  • Aim to make the third round our fastest


  • 1-2 sets from the very beginning
  • If you know these will be a problem in rounds 2-3, break them up from round 1


  • Chip away at the chest to bars and take the total number (60) into account
  • These are more about the last two rounds than the first one
  • Steady sets of 3-5 will likely be sustainable throughout


  • Double unders may feel difficult coming off the chest to bars
  • Think 1-3 sets: 50, 25-25, or 25-15-10
  • Get to 25 on each round and make a judgement call whether to break or not