Benchmark W.O.D. Saturday 7/14/18


Benchmark W.O.D. Saturday 7/14/18

This is our last Benchmark WOD we will be doing for this series.  Plan to see future benchmarks dabbled here and there throughout our training you will need to keep track of!

Finish strong today!

The last time we completed this benchmark we had done rowing instead of running, because it was the middle of winter, but this benchmark was originally designed with running, so you’re in luck ;).  If you look back at your time, it will be comparable, so go for a new PR.  

*Download Sugar WOD on your phone to track your progress and see other athletes performance from CFR!



*Coaches if raining, start athletes in 3 different groups at each movement to avoid bunching up on the rowers.  If rowers are all taken at any given time, athletes have the option to either wait for an available rower, they can air bike 1200m or complete 20 burpees as a substitute. Just write down what you do for retesting later.  Please get the classes ready for this sub if needed.

5 rounds for time of:
400m Run
30 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Wall balls 20/14

*in this one you may scale box jumps with a smaller box, stacked plates, completing line jumps, or unlike usual you may do step ups regardless of an injury or not.  Take care of your legs and be aware of how your body feels during this workout.

Post total times!  For every rep not completed within the time cap please add a second onto the time (45:21, etc)