BENCHMARK W.O.D. Wednesday 7/31/19


BENCHMARK W.O.D. Wednesday 7/31/19

Strength – 15 minutes

Build to Heavy Single Squat Clean


  • Athletes will have 15 minutes to build to their heavy single squat clean
  • This is the best opportunity for coaches to get around to each athlete to see and correct movement


“All you need are these: certainty of judgement in the present moment, action for the common good in the present moment, and an attitude of gratitude in the present moment for anything that comes your way.” – Marcus Aurelius

Perception, Good Action, and Gratitude.
Written nearly two thousand years ago, these three disciplines apply to our lives just as much today as back then.

Perception – In 20/20 hindsight, everyone has the right answer. But in the present moment, things can go south. What creates the difference – our emotional state. Control our emotions, and we’ll find clarity of judgement in the present.

Good Action – Perception is one thing, but it’s another to take the leap of action. Square ourselves off to the opportunity in front, and make it count. Every time. We never waste our failures. Worth writing twice, we never, waste, our failures.

Gratitude – Through the lens of gratitude, everything is a gift. Change this, and the world changes around us.

*Reminder to always record these benchmark workouts, as they will be programmed again, helping you test your fitness results over time!


For time…

21-15-9 reps of…
Squat Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips


  • Strength piece coupled with a CrossFit Benchmark workout
  • Looking for weights and variations that take us under 12 minutes to complete


  • Ring dips provide more of a coordination challenge than the push-up
  • Choose a variation you could string together 10-12 reps unbroken
  • Substitutions listed in teaching section


  • Choose your “Grace” Benchmark weight
  • Something you could cycle for 10+ reps unbroken when fresh
  • Likely going with small sets or singles within the workout today

Knees Up, Press Up
In the ring dip, we start the kipping motion from the bottom up. After athletes lower themselves into the bottom of the dip, we have to close the hip before we can open it to create power. We do this by bringing the knees up, then opening the hips, then pressing. This wave like motion makes it much easier to complete than a strict ring dip.

Other Things to Consider

  • Rings stay close to the body throughout
  • Shoulder width set-up
  • Shoulders below elbows at the bottom
  • Fully locked out at the top of each rep

Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Strict Ring Dips
Stationary Dips (Banded or Negatives)
Ring Dips (Banded or Negatives)
Ring Push-ups

Get Tall, Get Small
On the squat clean, we want to get tall before we get small. Just like on the ring dip, it’s the aggressive opening of the hips that creates power. The heavier the weight, the harder we have to jump to move the weight upward. We have to jump hard and open up all the way before we pull underneath the bar.


  • Manage the round of 21’s on both movements
  • Short sets with short breaks can help you keep moving and stay consistent through the sets of 15 and 9


  • Ring dips are a movement that tend to to go quickly if we approach near failure
  • Break before your press starts to slow down
  • Think about how’d you attack 45 reps for time and do it that way
    • **Set of 21: **
      • 12-9
      • 7-7-7
      • 6-5-5-5
      • 3-3-3-3-3-3-3
    • S**et of 15 **
      • 8-7
      • 6-5-4 or 5-5-5
      • 3-3-3-3-3
    • **Set of 9: **
      • 5-4
      • 3-3-3


  • For the cleans, you can use the same rep scheme suggestion as the ring dips or choose to go with quick single repetitions