Benchmark Workout “Kelly” – Friday 12/27/19 – 40 min cap


Benchmark Workout “Kelly” – Friday 12/27/19 – 40 min cap

“You’re remembered for the rules you break.” – General MacArthur

There’s something oddly intoxicating about fitting into a group. By falling in to cultural norms. It’s truly in our DNA – to connect with others through similarities.

That is an amazing thing. But at the same time, it can be a dangerous one. We can take the limits of our surroundings, for the limits of our own. This can often happen without even a conscious realization.

These “unspoken rules” that society lives by can hold us back. The “unspoken beliefs” that we should live life a certain way. With genuine respect, we sit humbly at the feet of anyone we can learn from. Yet, we must keep our minds open to possibilities outside of the confines of our norm. Some rules are just meant to be broken.

Benchmark Workout “Kelly” – 40 minute cap
*Make sure to log your score or write this down, because YOU WILL SEE Benchmark workouts again, testing your fitness over time!

5 Round for time of…
400 Meter Run
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Wall Balls 20/14


  • “Kelly” is a longer, CrossFit “Girl” workout
  • Times can range anywhere from the mid 20’s to close to 40 minutes
  • We’re allotting a full 40 minutes for today’s simple triplet benchmark


  • The biggest thing to consider today is wallball weight
  • This should be a weight that athlete can complete the 30 reps in no more that 3 sets
  • With 150 total reps, going lighter or reducing overall volume will be the most common subs


  • Athletes should stand to full extension at the top of each box jump


  • If unable to run, complete one of the following:
  • 500 Meter Row
  • 28/20 CalorieBike

Open the Hips 
On both of today’s indoor movements, let’s focus in on opening the hips hard. With 60 reps back to back, how we do one is how we’ll do both. Shorting the hip extension on either leads to less elevation on our body or the ball. Open the hips hard before bringing the knees up and open the hips hard before pressing the ball to the target. See the daily video for an visual of both.


  • The first thing we can focus on today is pushing for big sets on the wallballs
  • That is the only station we would stop moving on
  • Today is a great opportunity to train big sets
  • Look to complete these within 1-3 sets:
  • 1 Set: 30
  • 2 Sets: 15-15 or 20-10
  • 3 Sets: 12-10-8 or 10-10-10
  • Hold a moderate pace on the runs and a steady cadence on the box jumps that you can maintain across all 5 rounds
  • These should be paces that allow you to thrive through big sets on the ball