Blue Silo Beef

Hey guys, I’m Kassi!

As a CFR member, if I’m not in the box, I’m probably in muck boots and jeans at home, wrangling kids and cows.

Together with my husband and three kids, we operate a cattle ranch on 300+ acres located west of Republic in Lawrence County, Missouri. One enterprise of our operation is Blue Silo Beef, where we sell our ranch-raised beef direct to our neighbors in the Ozarks.

In our cow-calf operation, we care for nearly 130 head of Simmental-influenced momma cows. As a dedicated cattle ranch, we’ve responsibly raised each beef animal since birth, know its health history, pedigree and diet. Healthy animals, sustainably raised, hand-picked and fed for premium taste; that’s what Blue Silo is all about.

You could say beef is “our thing”, and we aim to make ours the best thing on your plate.

Customers can visit our online store at to see the wide variety of cuts & specialty products we offer. Featuring a USDA inspection stamp & sealed in 5mm clear vac-pac, our beef is packaged individually by an Ozarks-area processor at the height of freshness. Orders are delivered to the CFR freezer twice weekly for convenient pick-up.

You may click to order online, but it’s me & my family packaging and delivering your order. It’s me here to answer your questions about the beef you are putting on the dinner table. Know your producer, know your food.

Connect with us on Facebook & read more about our operation by visiting I’m looking forward to helping you #eatMObeef!

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