BRING A FREIND(s) FREE W.O.D. Saturday 11/16/19


BRING A FREIND(s) FREE W.O.D. Saturday 11/16/19


“You won’t help shoots grow by pulling them higher.” – Chinese Proverb

This quote speaks to partience.

A “shoot” is a term for young plants. We can all recognize that pulling on the base of a plant does not result in faster growth – it actually pulls them out of the ground pre-maturely.

When patience runs thin, remind ourselves of this quote. Emotions will run, and we will want the immediate satisfaction of whatever it may be. This can be setting be setting a personal best on the snatch, or the passing of a slow car in traffic.

It is a reminder to focus on the process, which would be the water and nutrients the plant needs, rather than the endstate.

Conditioning WOD – 30 min cap

4 Rounds for time of…
100ft Bear Crawl *50ft HS Walks for higher skill
20 Slam Balls (30/20)
30/21 Calorie Bike *RX can be any machine based on class size


  • Finishing off the week with a triplet workout that we expect to last 18-25 minutes


  • The Bear Crawl is designed to tax the shoulders and the midline, creating some interference with the slamballs that follow
  • For athletes who want a little more of a higher skill challenge, we can change the Bear Crawl to a handstand walk
  • If you’re handstand walking, choose a distance between 50-100′, or something that takes under 2 minutes to complete


  • Choose a slamball weight that allows you to complete the 20 reps in under 1:30
  • If you don’t have 30/20 slamballs, complete 30 reps with a 20/14 medicine ball


  • If unable to Bike, due to number of people or injury, complete one of the following as it will still be prescribed:
  • Equal Calorie Row of Ski
  • 400 Meter Run

Moving Plank
The bear crawl is a great full body exercise, and something we can think of as a moving variation of the front plank. Thinking of it that way sets the tone for the movement. Just like in a front plank, we’re looking for a flat back and supported spine. The added challenge of moving forward also requires us to avoid any side to side rotation. Stay squared and stay tight.

Slam It
Slam balls are called slam balls for a reason. We want to slam them to the ground instead of drop them from overhead. Let’s create a good stimulus today by being aggressive with the slam. As we throw the weight to the ground, it should be thrown with enough force that allows us to catch it off the bounce before it rests on the ground. This helps ensure we’re being aggressive, but also makes it easier to transition to the next rep.

Where to Slam It
When slamming the ball to the ground, let’s make sure the front of the ball stays behind the toes. Just like on a deadlift, we want the weight pretty much lined up with the loops of the laces. The ball is already lower to the ground than a barbell. Throwing it too far forward makes it even harder on the back to pick it up. Keeping it closer to the middle of the body allows for more legs.


  • These two movements paired back to back will work the shoulders, core, and breathing
  • Let’s think of getting these two movements done quickly, with the goal of just getting to the bike to accumulate calories
  • Urgency here gets you to a movement that you can always keep moving forward on


  • Bike pace will be athlete specific, but let’s try to get faster on the bike with each round
  • That doesn’t mean the first round is slow, rather it’s performed at a pace that can be maintained or improved upon in rounds two and three
  • With no other work taking place after the last bike, let’s finish the workout with a strong effort