BRING A FRIEND FREE W.O.D. 9/15/18 – No Skills class


BRING A FRIEND FREE W.O.D. 9/15/18 – No Skills class


  1. Monday we will be doing a Hero workout to honor Deputy Aaron Roberts from our local Greene county office, who passed away on Sept 7th during the flooding. Every class hour will be in honor of him and his family, please be there. You can find a donation link on the CFR Facebook page and any other info if needed – “Like” the cfr page to stay connected.
    PLEASE SHARE THAT ANNOUNCEMENT IF YOU COULD so others join us outside of the gym!
    If you have a cash donation you’d rather do, please bring to the gym on Monday. Supplement Superstore and Eat Fit Go will also be in attendance. Please say a prayer for their family.
  2. Tomorrow (Saturday) is Bring a Friend FREE Saturday at the 9am! If you have a friend or family that wants to come have some fun with a simple but fun workout and you show them around, the sweat and burning sensation during the workout is FREE 
  3. Monday at 6:30pm starts a new Learn To Crossfit cycle. If you know anyone that has been wanting to give it a shot, every 3 weeks, we restart the cycle! Share the announcement from the CFR FB page if you want, and let’s see who we can grab!  CFR page link –

Conditioning WOD – 30 minutes

*Coaches please start the class at as many different stations as possible so there is never cluttering on the rowers or bikes

Push/Pull Workout

As many rounds + reps as possible in 30 minutes of…

10 Deadlift 225/155

20 Hand Release Pushups (rx-plank position, thighs off the ground, no worming)

30 Ring Rows (rx-parallel body, rings touch chest at top)

30 Ring Dips (rx- full extension at top and rings touch shoulders at bottom)

20 Calorie Row

10 Calorie Bike

*Run 200m after each complete round

Post total rounds + reps achieved!