BRING A FRIEND(s) FREE Saturday 3/24/18


BRING A FRIEND(s) FREE Saturday 3/24/18


You can bring a friend(s) to the 9am class workout for FREE, show them around, and have them join you for a challenging yet simple workout, that will leave them with that layer of sweat and feeling of accomplishment, all for free!

We are offering a 50% off first month for any new member that joins with a 6 or 12 month agreement from Saturday through Monday the 26th ONLY.

Our next “Learn To” Crossfit cycle just happens to restart this coming Monday the 26th at 6:30PM! So if they decide to join it works perfectly!

Conditioning WOD – 20 minutes

*Coaches – please make sure to point out and introduce any new faces, and assist however needed!

*If large class, consider having different stations around the gym, bringing bikes lined up at the front and start athletes on different movements, all resting on the same minute each round. If more than 40 athletes, one group may have to start on the rest period.

*Have athletes transition quickly off bikes and rowers

4 rounds for total reps…

1 minute of Calorie Row

1 minute of Wall Balls 30/20

1 minute of KB Swings 70/55

1 min of Calorie Air Bike

1 minute rest

Post total reps for entire workout!