BRING A FRIEND(s) FREE W.O.D. 10/6/18 – No Skills Class


BRING A FRIEND(s) FREE W.O.D. 10/6/18 – No Skills Class

This Saturday is BRING A FRIEND(s) FREE DAY!

Show your friends around, and have them join you for a challenging yet simple workout, that will leave them with that layer of sweat and feeling of accomplishment, all for free!

Reminder that the “Learn To” Crossfit starts next week on Monday the 8th at 6:30pm, to make it an easy transition for anyone! Newbies don’t have to be here on Saturday, but it’s just another opportunity for them to try us out!


*Coaches – please make sure to point out and introduce any new faces, and assist however needed!

*If large class, consider having different stations around the gym,  starting athletes on different movements, all resting on the same minute each round. 

4 rounds, rotating through each station, for total reps…

:40 on/:20 rest – max Ball Slams 30/20

:40 on/:20 rest – max Wall Balls 30/20

:40 on/:20 rest – max Situps

:40 on/:20 rest – max KB Swings 70/55

:40 on/:20 rest – max Hand Release Pushups

*For newbies – consider starting slow, resting as needed.  If uncomfortable with KB swings overhead, complete Russian KB swings.  Scale as noted by coaches on all other movements

Post total reps for entire workout!