BRING A FRIEND(s) FREE W.O.D. Saturday 4/28/18


BRING A FRIEND(s) FREE W.O.D. Saturday 4/28/18

After Bring a Friend FREE in the morning, the next thing on the Saturday agenda will be encouraging all our CFR teams participating in the Lift Up A Child Competition!  Located near downtown Springfield at Royal Barbell, we have several teams representing CFR.  Come cheer them on!

CFR Teams for Lift Up a Child on Saturday, April 28th

  • A Beard & A Babyface- Landon Sullins/Michael Knoll
  • Car Ramrod- Tychus McCoy/Michael Battle
  • Dottirs R Us- Hannah Laxton/Becky DeMaria
  • Aggressively Average- Melissa Flokstra/Deziree Marsh
  • Team Strong Like Bull- Ashley Gilmore/Casey Pomery
  • Scorpion Death Squad- Chris Crosby/Kevin Inmon
  • Not Fast, But Furious- Matt Norman/ (another CFR member)
  • 16 Bit Heroes- Adam Chmielik/Tyler Hanewinkel

For details on the facebook page Click here!  OR Visit the Lift Up a Child Fitness Challenge on Facebook!

*No skills class on Bring a Friend FREE days!

“My Pet Rock”

*Coaches – if large class and low on sizes of slam balls needed, use wall balls as well (RX need the slam balls due to uneven pushups, explanation below)

*First timers feel free to scale to your abilities by stopping the workout either at the 20 minute mark or cutting reps in half (including the run to 100m)

4 Rounds for time of…

20 Hand Release Pushups (RX – uneven, see below*)

20 SitUps (RX – ball on chest)

20 Slam Ball Hugger Squats 30/20

20 Ball Slams 30/20

200m Run with Ball

*Uneven Pushups – place one hand on top of ball and other on ground and complete your pushups.  The next round, place the opposite hand on the ball, alternating rounds – get as close to ground as possible and/or touch chest each rep

*If athletes rather not run on the road, a route 2,  100m and 200m mark can be found by taking a right out the door down the sidewalk, where the first patch of brush is the 100m mark and then onward to the sidewalk you’ll find a route 2 leading to the 200m mark, where you can place cones if needed.

Post total times!