CFR Barbell

CFR Barbell – 8 Week Cycle

  • 8 week, 3 day-a-week Olympic Lifting program
  • Sundays you will be sent your week of Olympic Lifting programming
  • Tuesday nights at 7:30PM at CrossFit Republic, with an open class format, all athletes on this 8 week cycle will meet and assess based on your individual program
  • Program will have a consistent template for all athletes in this 8-week cycle with some tweaking based on the individual needs assessed face to face or through video.
  • Videos can be sent to the Barbell coach(s) for review and feedback received within 24 hours, barring no set backs or time tables are set with that individual athlete
  • Athletes can freely message Barbell coach(s) with questions
  • Pricing – CFR member $50 for 8 weeks Non-member $65 for 8 weeks

This class is led by two experienced and certified CFR Coaches who are passionate about helping others improve their Olympic Lifting technique.

This class is open enrollment until the start date of each cycle, then closed thereafter until the next 8-week cycle is released for enrollment – please call 417-732-5433, watch for announcements on CFR Facebook page, Instagram @crossfit_republic and CFR website at for the next enrollment date released.

This class is led by our coaches with USAW Level 1 Cert and who are passionate about helping others improve their olympic lifting technique.

Chris Crosby — USAW Level 1 Cert / LV 1 Cert

Chris has lived in the Springfield area since he was 12 years old and really loves the area. He has a bachelor’s degree in communication and currently works at Jack Henry & Associates. Chris played a lot of sports growing up but has always been on the heavy side. In 2011, he found himself very over weight, and he knew that he had to change something. So, he started running and doing boot camps. In the process, he lost over 90 pounds and ran several half marathons and a marathon. However, he broke his foot while running and then ended up putting all the weight back on and then some. That is when he found CrossFit. He loved lifting weights growing up. He also loved the team aspect of high school sports. He found both of these things at the CrossFit gym.

Weighing in at 348 pounds, Chris started CrossFit in 2013. It was very intimidating for him to start. He could not hang from a bar or even do burpees. But, he stuck with it and fell in love with the people and the coaches. Over the last 3 years, he has lost over 90 pounds again and can do things he never dreamed of. He knows what it is like coming into a gym being very overweight. He knows the struggle of being addicted to food. He found his safe place and home with CrossFit.

Chris is also the founder of The Unbroken Podcast. It gives him a reason to talk to people he looks up to. His wife is also a coach at CrossFit Republic. He has 3 amazing kids that keep his life interesting.

Josh Keatts – LV 1 Cert

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida my dad was in the Navy and we were quickly moved down to Key West where we lived till I was 5, then my family moved to Missouri. I spent my childhood playing any sport I could. I finally settled on baseball when I started high school at Kickapoo High School and ended up playing for Evangel University.

I played baseball at EU for 2 years; unfortunately, my baseball career was cut short due to a shoulder injury. I had full reconstructive surgery on my labrum, rotator cuff, and had bone spurs removed. When I quit playing baseball I gained about 100lbs.

I can honestly say without hesitation that CrossFit changed my life, or perhaps, maybe saved it. I had some friends who convinced me to give this “CrossFit thing” a go. I walked into the gym at 310lbs, very intimidated; luckily the community showed me what a happy, healthy lifestyle was like.

CrossFit has blessed me with so much more than just a healthy life or fitness it also brought me my best friend, Sara. We met at a competition; and as they say everything else is history. On July 1, 2016 we bought a house and moved to Republic, which led us to CFR.

Even before interning and becoming a coach I have always enjoyed helping others with technique or skills. As a coach I really don’t care about how much weight is on the bar or the number or butterfly pull-ups you can do. What I care about most is the athletes quality of movement, while their abilities progress. Health and fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.

“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3

“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


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