Deployment Farewell Workout for Coach Mike Knoll and Potluck 10am – 5/25/19


Deployment Farewell Workout for Coach Mike Knoll and Potluck 10am – 5/25/19

Coach Michael Knoll has added a lot to many of our lives.
As the month of May wraps up, he will be heading out for approx a 12 month deployment to Afghanistan with a forward surgical team. He’ll be providing surgical care in a far forward area.
This is his choice and it is a dangerous area.
Today, on Saturday the 25th at 10am (no 9am workout) we will be doing a workout to honor Mike as the coach that he is and his commitment and sacrifice to our country as he leaves for this deployment.
After the workout we will have a potluck and party, so everyone bring a dish of your choice and plan on hanging out. Comments have been left on the family page for what food is being brought as of now.
Childcare will be from 10-11:15am. Kids can run around after the workout while we eat. Bring a lawn chair

Come honor his voluntary sacrifice for our country and also his wife Ashley and kiddo he will be leaving behind!

His official last day will be Memorial Day, so if you can’t make it for this, you will also see him at the workout “Murph” that Sunday night at 6:30pm at the Kickapoo Track. Please give him your best!!!

See you there!

Knoll Farewell WOD – no time cap

*As many of you know. Hero workouts or workouts honoring a specific event or person can typically either be longer, have more volume, be more skilled or heavier than what we are comfortable with… this is one of those types of workouts. As you work through this workout, scale as needed, but please know as you start to feel sorry for yourself, remember what Mike, Ashley, their son, and any other military personnel are sacrificing or going through, and then your mental game may quickly change. Go get it!

For time… work up then back down the ladder, only completing one 800m run in the middle

5 Snatch 185/125
10 Ring Muscle Ups
15 Power Cleans 185/125
20 Burpee Box Overs 24/20
25 Handstand Pushups (abmat/25s)
30 Toes to Bar
35 Wall Balls 30/20
800m Run
*After completing the 800m run, head back down the ladder of movements to the wall balls, toes to bar, and so on, finishing with a heavy snatch

-Ring Muscle Ups – 1:1 Bar Muscle Ups, 2:1 Strict Pullups, 3:1 Chest to Bar Pullup, Pullups, Banded Pullups, 5:1 Ring Rows
-Handstand Pushups – RX is 25 plate on each side with abmat in middle. Scaling would be stacking more abmats OR 1:1 Dumbbell push presses 50s/35s
-As for everything else needed to scale, either reduce reps or reduce the movement or weight as needed like a typical class