FEASTMODE 5k! 7am/8:30am start times – Childcare available at 8:30am class


FEASTMODE 5k! 7am/8:30am start times – Childcare available at 8:30am class

*We will cover all movements below promptly at 7AM and 8:30AM!
*Childcare available at 8:30am class

Bring your friends if they are comfortable and mix up your Thanksgiving morning with a fun and movement varied 5k at CrossFit Republic! It will benefit People Helping People No profit in Republic (if you can bring nonperishable items) and feedOne with Convoy of Hope to supply food to children in need! Supplement Superstores will be joining us in this celebration!

Open to everyone, free of charge! Be there at either 7AM or 8:30AM sharp (childcare at 8:30am class only). 

FeastMode 5k Workout

The workout will look like this…

You will complete either a 500m Run, 500m row, 500m bike, or 500m ski Erg (your choice)

After you complete one of these “cardio” movements on your way to totaling a 5k, you will then complete, in any order, one of the 10 movements below in between each cardio movement, as long as you fit them all in!
Just like your grocery list, check them off as you go!

30 Hand Release Pushups
30 Jumping Air Squats
30 second Plank (on elbows)
30 Switch (jumping) Lunges R/L=1
30 second Wall Sit
30 Mountain Climbers R/L=1
30 Tuck Jumps
30 Abmat Situps
30 Second hang from bar
30 Burpees
*Bonus movement – 10 tire flips

  • Example – 500m run, 30 Pushups, 500m Row, 30 Jumping Air Squats… and so forth until all 10 movements are complete!
  • Notice the 500m intervals add up to be a 5k total
  • You may run the whole thing if that is your preference
  • The bike will be the fastest or easiest route as 500m is very quick on the bike
  • You will get to pick the scaling option that works best for you for each movement
  • If a rower, bike, or ski Erg is not available during one of the 500m intervals, you have the choice of waiting until one opens up OR immediately sub with another 500m run