FREE W.O.D. 8/9/10am Saturday 4/10/21


FREE W.O.D. 8/9/10am Saturday 4/10/21

**“Success is not owned. It’s leased. And rent is due every day.” – J.J. Watt”

Having a “chip on your shoulder” is an known as an edge. As if the athlete has more to prove given his or her circumstances than the next one. But as soon as success is reached, that edge… it disappears.

It’s perhaps because success isn’t a finish line. And that true success is a life-long journey. And rent is due, every day.

Conditioning WOD – 30 min cap

For Time:
2,000/1600m Row, 1600m Run or Ski, 90/65 Calorie Bike
10 Rounds of “The Chief” (155/105)

1 Round of “The Chief”:
3 Power Cleans
6 Push-Ups
9 Air Squats

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-3:00]


  • What a perfect Saturday workout! A good ole “dig deep and get your elbows dirty” kind of workout. Get the work done!
  • We are looking to shoot between 18:00-24:00 for total time to complete both parts.
  • Row 20001600m = 7:00-9:00 (for both genders)
  • 10 Rounds of “The Chief” = 10:00-15:00
  • Doing 3 Power Cleans at 155 is very different to doing 30 Power Cleans at 155, AND after a 2000 meter Row. Not to mention, it’s Day 6 of a tough week.
  • There is no time cap. Work relentlessly to scale appropriately to meet the intend stimulus. 😉


  • We are striving for an 18:00-24:00 finish! The goal is to move fast and move well for a longer time domain. For this to happen, we must modify areas of the workout that could create poor movement and lengthly overall times.

10 Rounds of “The Chief” = 10:00-15:00

  • Overall Volume = 30 Power Cleans / 60 Push-Ups / 90 Air Squats
  • Aim to modify intensity (loads/reps) to hold :45-1:00 rounds on average across the 10 rounds.
  • If 1 round takes over 1:00 from the very start, our athletes have either gone too heavy, chosen too many reps, or a combination of both. Pay attention to this in the earlier rounds. You will likely have to scale mid-workout if this happens.
  • Last note, but an important one – if you have athletes that will be closer to the 9:00 mark for the 2000m Row, consider reducing “The Chief” rounds to 7 or 8. We are not looking for this to be a 30:00 workout.


  • 1st 200m Conversational Pace
  • 2nd 200m Non Conversational Pace
  • 3rd 200m Uncomfortable Conversational Pace

Active Stretch

:30 Spiderman Hold (each side)
:30 Hamstring Scope Stretch (each side)
:30 In-Place Standing Quad Stretch (each side)

“The Chief” Movement Practice

  • 10 Push-Ups (5 Coach Led + 5 Athlete Led) – Focus: Assess for ‘worming’ and missing range of motion. Athletes can opt to place knees on the ground.
  • 10 Squats – We Squat a lot, so there should be no surprises as to where to look: “The Big Five”
  1. Neutral Spine! Watch the athletes spine as they descend down. If you identify any rounding, cue “chest up” or “raise the arms” or “don’t go quite as low” (if they are bottoming out).
  2. Line of action: Hips back & down as the knees break forward
  3. Knees track in line with the toes: watch the knee and toe relationship
  4. Weight in the heels: Cue the athlete to “sit back” or “float the toes” as they descend down
  5. Depth below parallel: Find the most optimal pain-free range-of-motion you can in your athletes. Some may need a target to help with awareness. Work hard here to ensure we hold the standards while expressing empathy.
  • When teaching the Air Squat, layer in the points of performance by asking for a position (“send the hips back and down”), and then looking to see if it happened. This seems so simple, but it’s hard to do consistently. Following a system like this will also ensure you give your athletes the attention they require and want.


We just did Power Cleans on Tuesday for the Clean & Jerk workout, so we should have a pretty good idea about how to load for today. The focus for this movement will be the same – consistency of quality movement 1) Neutral Spine 2) Finishing the second pull

5-8 reps of each step:

  • Deadlift to Shrug – Focus: Neutral spine & keep the bar close (knees slide back as hips and shoulder rise up together)
  • Power Clean – Focus: The “Finish!” (get tall – full leg extension) AND fast pull under the bar (“fast elbows”)
  • Barbell Cycling – Focus: As the bar returns to the hip and to the floors, cue athletes to lift the chest away from the ground and keep the arms straight. A position we must not allow our athletes to create is allowing the hips to retreat while the arms are still bent. This position makes it very difficult for athletes to find midline stabilization (neutral spine) at the set-up/bottom position.
  • Practice– Pause athletes overhead and cue them to, “Lower to the shoulder and pause.” Then, “Lower to the hips and pause.” THEN, “Lower to the floor and pause.” By controlling the repetition, it allows the athlete to connect to mechanically better positions than when moving fast. After a few controlled repetitions, have the athletes perform 5 reps by themselves with a little more speed. Coaches – look at the elbows and hips. We are look for arm extension, then hip flexion.

Loading [7:00]

  • Build-Up – 3-5 Sets of 3 Reps
  • The 3rd set is likely going to be the appropriate loading for “The Chief”
  • The goal is to move a moderately heavy bar fast and well. Ideally, you could do 10 reps in a row without any problems. That’s the desired “feel” stimulus. This load should not be close to a 1-5 rep maximum.

DRY RUN & BATHROOM BREAK [23:00-27:00]
Practice Round
200m Cardio
Then – 1 Round of “The Chief”
3 Power Cleans
6 Push Ups
9 Squats

WORKOUT [27:00-52:00]

  • 2000/1600m: We want our athletes to push, but must remind them that a max-effort attempt at a PR, may not be the smartest decision. After all, it is only one part of the workout. Guide your athletes to back-off the intensity during the last 200m so they can recover before starting “The Chief”. The goal is to get a fast time overall, not just on the 2k.
  • 10 Rounds of “The Chief” It is often said that this workout is all about the push-ups, so it would make sense to coach your athletes to take minimal rest when moving from push-ups to squats, and squats to power clean. Yes, it is only 6 push-ups, but they come around so fast that they will fatigue quicker than you think.