FREE W.O.D. Saturday 8/9/10am 1/16/21


FREE W.O.D. Saturday 8/9/10am 1/16/21

“I define anxiety as experiencing failure in advance.” – Seth Godin

It’s not abnormal to feel the nerves before something big. We have a several thousand year-old survival mechanism that wants to protect us. A bit outdated maybe, but it’s still alive and well.

This made sense when being chased by predators, or at risk of running out of food. Yet, our day to day actions are different now. Not only do we not need to prepare for catastrophic failure… we should resist it.

What we think, we will become. And if we dwell on the thought on failing, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We start to focus in, on a subconscious level, on the reasons we will fail. Of course, we’re not in an imaginary world here… we will fail… but it’s the paradigm shift we’re after. Think less about all the reasons we’ll fail, and more, about all the reasons we will succeed.”

Conditioning WOD – 20 minutes

5 Rounds For Reps:
1 Minute Max Calorie Machine
1 Minute Max Power Cleans (135/95)
1 Minute Max Bear Hug Ball Squats (30/20)
1 Minute Rest

*For the squats you may use a slam ball or med ball

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00 – 5:00]

  • We’ll work for 3 minutes straight before resting for 1 minute
  • Record reps completed at each station during your 1 minute rest
  • Your score is total reps accumulated over the 5 rounds


  • Choose a moderate weight that you could cycle for 15+ reps unbroken when fresh
  • Looking for small sets, quick singles, or a mix of both here

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-12:00]
6 Minutes Straight
1 Minute Machine (Easy Pace)
1 Minute Push-up to Down Dog Video
:30 Good Mornings + :30 Seconds Elbow Rotations
1 Minute Machine (Moderate Pace)
1 Minute Active Spidermans Video
:30 Romanian Deadlifts + :30 Hang Power Cleans

MOBILITY [12:00-15:00]
Forearms Stretch: 45 Seconds

Active Twisted Cross: 45 Seconds

Front Rack Stretch: 45 Seconds

TEACHING [15:00-20:00]


  • For the power clean, we can use a drill called the “no jump” power clean to ensure good footwork in the receiving position
  • This drill is helpful in preventing the “starfish” cleans that happen
  • We focus on being fast up and down with the hips instead of jumping the feet wide
  • Check out the Daily Video for a visual of this teaching point

Movement Prep

  • 5 “No Jump” Hang Power Cleans
  • 4 “No Jump” Power Cleans
  • 3 Power Cleans
  • Build to Lighter Weight

STRATEGY + WOD [30:00-60:00]

  • The 1 minute rest between 3-minute rounds isn’t enough for sprint pace
  • Look to move methodically through these 3 work stations
  • In the first round, find a number at each movement that you are confident you can replicate the next round
  • Working for about 45 seconds instead of the full 60 (on the first two movements) may help you achieve this
  • Building this buffer time to transition in the first round can help account for added fatigue in the following rounds
  • The goal from there is stay within 1 rep on either side of that target
  • For Example: If you got 15 calories on the machine in the first round, aim for somewhere between 14-16 in the next several rounds
  • Use your numbers completed at each station from the last round as your guides for the next round



  • Double Dumbbell Power Cleans
  • Single Dumbbell Power Cleans Video
  • Odd Object Power Cleans Video