FREE W.O.D. Saturday 8/9/10am 12/19/20


FREE W.O.D. Saturday 8/9/10am 12/19/20

“Perfection can be spelled with the word paralysis.” – Churchill

As human beings, our survival mechanism kicks in when we approach change. It sounds the alarm, telling us we are in dangerous waters. We may find ourselves forecasting to the future, vividly conceptualizing the hardships, obstacles, and all the tough unknowns that path may bring.

Now this survival mechanism is amazing for avoiding actual real-life dangers. But the healthy ones… it can also prevent if we aren’t mindful.

Breathe into those thoughts that run through our mind when we approach change. Recognize them. Accept them for what they are. And put them where they belong, because it’s time to get to work.

Conditioning WOD – 20 minutes

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes complete…
1st Minute: Calorie Machine
2nd Minute: AbMat Sit-ups (Toes to bar = 2 points) – Your choice

Score is Lowest Calorie + Lowest Sit-up Round

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00 – 5:00]

  • Today’s simple couplet of machine and AbMat sit-ups has no fixed rep scheme (Toes to Bar = 2 abmat situps) – if you choose this route
  • Athletes will alternate between these two stations for 10 rounds
  • Their final score for the day is their lowest round of calories on the machine + their lowest round of sit-ups
  • That being said, the goal is to find a number that they can stay consistent on over the 20 minutes of work
  • Enter your lowest numbers for each movement into SugarWOD and it will calculate the final score for you

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-12:00]
Machine / Bodyweight Warmup
1 Miunte Machine
1 Minute Down Dog Video
45 Seconds Machine
45 Seconds Up Dog Video
30 Seconds Machine
30 Seconds Active Samson Video
30 Seconds Machine
30 Seconds Air Squats

Slightly Increase Intensity on Rower with Each Round

MOBILITY [12:00-20:00]
Couch Stretch: 1 Minute Each Side

Pigeon Pose: 1 Minute Each Side

Supine Wall Overhead Squat: 2 Minutes

STRATEGY + WOD [30:00-60:00]

  • With this being a “lowest rep” workout, finding the right numbers to hold from the beginning will be important
  • It can be helpful to establish your first round as your lowest round of the day
  • From there, all you have to do is hold that number for the remainder of the workout
  • It is better to stay consistent across the board than it is to start hot and fall off later
  • In terms of scoring, it is easier to get 1 sit-up than it is to get 1 calorie
  • This might mean you work for all 60 seconds on the sit-ups (to squeeze out a few more reps) and about 45 seconds on the machine
  • This also builds in some transition time to get in and out of the machine



  • Sit-ups with Feet Anchored
  • Toes to Bars = 2 points