FREE W.O.D. Saturday 8/9/10am – 7/17/21


FREE W.O.D. Saturday 8/9/10am – 7/17/21

**“Most of the time we feel tired not because we’ve done too much, but because we’ve done too little of what makes us come alive.” – Jim Kwik**

We’re not going to pretend the hard times go away. And that we won’t need to do things that we’d rather not. We have commitments, obligations, and bills to pay. But when we find ourselves in a daily loop of non-stop “work”… we won’t feel like ourselves.

But it’s not the time we put in at work that causes this. It’s the time we don’t put in on the other things. Our passions. The reason why we get out of bed in the morning. Yet in the furious pace of our lives, we let it fall to the wayside because we need to get “back to work.”

The times where we are the most unhappy, are the times where we are the most untrue to ourselves. Redefine to ourselves what sets us on fire. What makes us come alive. And literally schedule it on your calendar as if it’s a life-saving doctors appointment. Because in truth… it is.

Conditioning WOD – 30 min cap

For Time:
21 Deadlifts
21/15 Calorie Machine
21 Lateral Barbell Burpees
21/15 Calorie Machine
15 Deadlifts
21/15 Calorie Machine
15 Lateral Barbell Burpees
21/15 Calorie Machine
9 Deadlifts
21/15 Calorie Machine
9 Lateral Barbell Burpees
21/15 Calorie Machine

[Barbell: 225/155]

* Score = Time taken to complete the workout

GENERAL WARM-UP [4:00-8:00]
**Activate/Get Hot/Practice**
Grab a band!
30 x Banded Pull Aparts [VIDEO](
30 x Banded Good Mornings [VIDEO](
30 x Banded Single Arm Rows [VIDEO](
30 x Banded Tricep Push-Downs [VIDEO](

SPECIFIC WARM-UP [8:00-27:00]
**FOCUS: THE TRIANGLE – “Create the triangle (set-up). Hold the triangle (ascent and descent)”**
Not one person is built the same, which means not all Deadlift set-ups will look the same. However, there are a few positions that cab create an optimal Deadlift set-up regardless of body type and limb length. We are looking for the hips to be higher than the knees, hips lower than the shoulders, shoulders slightly in front of the bar, and weight in the heels. Today, we will focus on finding these positions in the set-up and during the execution.

**Deadlift Technique (Assess for ‘the triangle’) (8:00-23:00)**
5 PVC Deadlifts *(Great tool for holding positions without pre-fatiguing the athlete)*
10 PVC Banded Deadlifts [VIDEO INSTRUCTION](
10 Empty Barbell Deadlifts
5 Light loaded Deadlifts
5 Light-moderate Deadlifts
5 Moderate Deadlifts (game load)
5 Moderate-Heavy Deadlifts (over game load)

**Lateral Barbell Burpees (23:00-27:00)**
10 Air Squats + 6 Step-Ups
8 Squat Jumps + 20 Hops in Place
4 Lateral Barbell Burpees

We should push on the Deadlifts! One quick break will go a long way in preserving the posterior chain. A quick break is less than :10.
You know it, recover on the machine
Upon arrival, take one deep breath and complete the first Lateral Barbell Burpee.
Burpees are manageable, there’s just a lot of time to think about how hard they are.
Instead of thinking about how many are left, think about how few you have left 😉 Burpees are all heart! Be steady, but move with purpose.

COOL-DOWN [50:00-60:00]
3:00 Recovery/Clean-Up/Record Scores

**Midline (3:00 cap)**
Flutter Kicks (right and left = 2 reps)
Plank Knee-to-Elbow

1:00 Child’s Pose[VIDEO](
1:00 Pigeon Stretch (each side) [VIDEO](

**[General Order – 1) Can Scale Intensity via loads, reps/distance, time 2) Movements via modifications, substitutions or replacement (injury)]**

* Decrease Load/Reps
* Decrease Range of Motion (From Plates)

* Decrease Reps
* Step up/over the bar
* “No-push-up” Burpees

Extra Work

**[Designed for members wanting a little more – to be completed outside of the 60-minute class]**
**3 Sets for Max Reps:**
Strict Handstand Push-Ups
Rest 1:00 between sets.

3 Sets for Max Reps:
Strict Ring Dips
Rest 1:00 between sets.

*2 totals – HS Pushups/Ring Dips