FREE W.O.D. Saturday 8/9/10am Classes – 2/6/21


FREE W.O.D. Saturday 8/9/10am Classes – 2/6/21

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I’ll remember. Involve me, and I’ll learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

The musician doesn’t learn by listening. The musician learns, by playing. It’s how the mind, in its ever plastic state, adapts. It responds to application.

In the “Cone of Learning” (Edgar Dale), we learn:
10% of what we read.
20% of what we hear.
30% of what we see.
50% of what we hear and see.
70% of what we say and write.
90% of what we actually participate in.

Information without application, is knowledge.

Information with application, is wisdom.

Conditioning WOD – 35 min time cap

4 Rounds For Time…
12/9 Calorie Machine
30 Single Dumbbell Power Snatches (50/35)
12/9 Calorie Machine
30 Step-Back Lunges* (50/35)

Round 1: Bodyweight Lunges
Round 2: Jumping Lunges
Round 3: Single Dumbbell Goblet Lunges
Round 4: Single Dumbbell Overhead Lunges

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00 – 5:00]

  • All we need is a single dumbbell and a machine for this 4 round workout
  • The first two rounds of step back lunges will be unweighted, while the last two are weighted
  • The variation will become more difficult with each round
  • Expect this piece to take around 20-25 minutes to complete
  • Let’s cap this workout at 35 minutes


  • Switch arms every rep for a total of 15 each side
  • Choose a weight that allows you to clear this station in 1:30 or less
  • Both heads of the bell should make contact in the bottom


  • Switch legs every rep for a total of 15 each side
  • Our variation of lunge will change with each new round
  • Check out the Daily Video for a visual of these 4 variations
  • Choose loads for the weighted lunges that allow you to clear:
  • Goblet Lunges: In 2-3 Quick Sets (15-15 or 10-10-10)
  • Overhead Lunges: 4-6 Quick Sets (8-8-7-7 or 5’s)

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-12:00]
Performed With One Lighter Dumbbell
1 Minute Easy Machine
30 Seconds Active Samson Video
30 Seconds Single Dumbbell Deadlift (15 Seconds Each Arm)

1 Minute Easy-Moderate Machine
30 Seconds Step Back Lunges
30 Seconds Single Dumbbell Russian Swings (15 Seconds Each Arm)

1 Minute Moderate Machine
30 Seconds Down Dog Video
30 Seconds Single Dumbbell Strict Press (15 Seconds Each Side)

MOBILITY [12:00-15:00]
Couch Stretch: 1 Minute Each Side

TEACHING [15:00-25:00]

  • The foundation of supporting the dumbbell overhead is the midline
  • With the weight stacked overhead, we’re looking for a natural curve in the lower back with the ribs pulled down to the hips
  • Let’s try to avoid overextension through a balanced bell position and awareness of our ribs in relation to the hips

Movement Prep

  • 20 Second Overhead Hold (Each Side)
  • 8 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (Light Weight)
  • 4 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (Workout Weight)

The Foundation

  • The foundation of the lunge itself is the feet
  • We’re looking to lunge on train tracks, not a tight rope
  • Ensure that we’re not stepping one foot behind the other
  • We’d rather step slightly out and back than back and in
  • Ensure the front shin is vertical in the bottom
  • For the weight overhead lunges, we’re looking to find the same midline position that we did for the finish position of the dumbbell snatch
  • Check out the Daily Video for more on these lunges

Movement Prep

  • 10 Bodyweight Lunges (5 Each)
  • 8 Jumping Lunges (4 Each)
  • 6 Single Dumbbell Goblet Lunges (3 Each)
  • 4 Single Dumbbell Overhead Lunges (2 Each)

PRACTICE ROUND [25:00-30:00]
1 Round
With Workout Weight:
2 Calorie Machine
4 Single Dumbbell Power Snatches
2 Calorie Machine
4 Step-Back Lunges (Bodyweight)

STRATEGY + WOD [30:00-60:00]

  • Let’s bring our focus to the non-machine movements for this workout
  • The goal today is steady machine efforts (around 1 minute of work) followed by deliberate sets of snatches and lunges
  • With 120 total reps of snatches over the 4 rounds, let’s find a break-up strategy that you can maintain throughout:
  • 1 Set: 30
  • 2 Sets: 15-15
  • 3 Sets: 10-10-10
  • 4 Sets: 8-8-7-7
  • 5 Sets: 6-6-6-6-6
  • The lunges will get more challenging in the last two rounds where we add weight
  • Look for steady movement on the non-weighted lunges to set you up to thrive through the more challenging sets later on
  • The most challenging lunge of the day will be the overhead lunge
  • Consider switching arms every 5-10 reps to prevent excessive fatigue on one side


  • Barbell Power Snatches [Light]
  • Odd Object Ground to Overhead Video
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Slamballs Video


  • Bodyweight Lunges For All
  • Jumping Lunges For All
  • Use Barbell or Kettlebell