Good-bye Team W.O.D. for Coach Erin – Tuesday 5/25/21


Good-bye Team W.O.D. for Coach Erin – Tuesday 5/25/21

Team Conditioning WOD – 30 minutes

On a 30 minute running clock complete…

0:00 – 20:00- Teams of 3, splitting reps however desired…

As many rounds + reps as possible in 20 minutes of…
5 Bar Muscle ups OR 10 Chest to Bar Pullups (both RX)
10 Power Cleans
15 Wall Balls 30/20
20/15 Calorie Machine
25 Double Unders

*You can do a combination of the bar MUs and chest to bar. Each chest to bar is a 2:1 ratio when adding it up.

*Ascending weight on the power clean each round
Power Clean increasing weight: 95/65, 135/95, 185/125, 205/145, 225/155, 245/165, 265/175
*Scale Power cleans with Ascending weighted dumbbells if unable to use the bar

*Wall Ball scales – 30 Jumping Air Squats, 15 Single Dumbbell Goblet Squats, 15 Medicine Ball Squat Cleans

*Scale DUs with 50 singles, 25 Double Taps, 50 line jumps, or 30 seconds of Double Under Practice

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-12:00]
2 Rounds
30 Seconds Single Unders
30 Seconds Single Leg Glute Bridges (Each Side) Video
30 Seconds Active Samson Video
30 Seconds Air Squats
30 Seconds Shoulder Touches

Barbell Warmup
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Press & Reach
5 Romanian Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

MOBILITY [12:00-15:00]
Front Rack Stretch: 1 Minute

Barbell Ankle Stretch: 1 Minute


POWER CLEANS (Coaches – hit quickly on the push jerk/split jerk here for the strength portion at the end)
When to Jump
On the power clean, we can think about having two speeds. Slow below the knees, and fast above the knees. Jumping immediately from the ground will likely pull us out of a good position. Instead, let’s be patient below the knees and more explosive above the knees. Speed through the middle is the key. Check out the Daily Video for more on this teaching point.

Movement Prep
5 High Hang Power Cleans
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Tempo Power Cleans (3 Seconds to Knee, Then Jump!)
5 Power Cleans
*Push Jerk/Split Jerk quick technique work

When to Jump
In the wallball, we want to maintain momentum out of the bottom of the squat. Carrying the drive from the legs directly into the pop of the hips and the press of the arms makes for a smooth “core to extremity” wave. Pausing our upward movement at any point will put more of the work on the upper body. Look to maintain one fluid motion throughout the wallball.

Movement Prep
5 Front Squats
5 Push Press
5 Thrusters
5 Wallballs

When to Jump
On all 3 movements today, we’ll talk about when to jump. On the rope, whether we’re doing doubles or singles, we want to jump right before the rope makes contact with the ground. Doing this is ideal for timing an efficiency. If we jump just before it hits the feet, it allows us to spend more time in the air while the rope is rotating around the body. If we jump too early, we’re more likely to stomp on the rope, make contact with the toes, or pull the feet up to compensate.

Movement Prep
30 Seconds Single Unders
30 Seconds Double Under Practice

Team Strength – 10 minutes

From 20:00 – 30:00…

Find a 1 rep Clean & Jerk Total for the team

*Each person finds their 1 rep then adds all lifts together for a team total, you can go into SUGAR WOD and record your clean and jerk personal lift if you’d like to keep track
*You can have multiple bars if needed
*Only one athlete may go at a time
*You may want to use 2-3 minutes to rest after your AMRAP before digging in. Use the 10 minutes how you see fit