HERO W.O.D. and Skills Class Saturday 3/3/18


HERO W.O.D. and Skills Class Saturday 3/3/18

The first Saturday of each month we complete a Hero workout to honor the lives of our fallen soldiers and the sacrifices they and their families have made fighting for our country and defending our freedoms.  These workouts are typically more skilled, have heavier weights, or more volume than a typical workout, so be prepared.  If you find that you are feeling sorry for yourself during the WOD,  get your mind right and think about who this workout is dedicated to and that this is only a fraction of what they and their families have been through.

5 Rounds For Time:

800m Run (to dead end)
200m Farmer’s Carry – 55/35KB in each hand
50m Single Arm Overhead carry (right arm 55/35KB)
50m Single Arm Overhead carry (left arm 55/35KB)

*If we run out of KBs, use dumbbells of similar weight

Post total times.


*For those unaware, we have a weekly skills class after our Saturday workout, where we take a specific skill and have a chance to break it down and work in a small group setting, helping you accomplish whatever skill it may be.


Scaled variations to cover with your coach, to help you achieve the next level of where you currently are.  Anyone can scale accordingly to eventually do a Handstand Pushup.  You got this!

  • Strict
  • Kipping
  • Deficit
  • Stacking abmats
  • Off a box
  • Barbell strict press
  • KB or DB strict or push press

Find what works best for you and with the coach determine what will help you improve the most!