Jessica R

“It is definitely one of the hardest fitness routines I’ve done! I may have to modify every exercise, I may get winded faster than others, and I may not be going 6 days a week but you know what I AM DOING IT! I am doing every rep I am lifting what is a challenge for ME I am pushing myself to be a little better each time! I don’t like the negative comments I hear abt CF bc you know what they aren’t true. All the coaches watch out for the athletes making sure they are pushing themselves but not hurting themselves. They care. The community is amazing, unlike any other place I’ve been! I may be shy and not talk to many people and I may be the biggest athlete in the group, but there hasn’t been one time that I’ve left a class without being “yelled at” and told “Way to go Jess you got it finish it!” “ There ya go girl get it!” Or “Keep it up! you can do it!” And so many high fives I can’t even count! One of my classes I was way behind, I was the last one to head out for the last run and one of the athletes that was done came out and ran with me so that I wasn’t pushing on by myself! I absolutely love CrossFit Republic! Thank you guys for an amazing beginning to my journey!”

-Jessica R