LAST DAY FREE! W.O.D. Saturday 1/5/19 – no skills class


LAST DAY FREE! W.O.D. Saturday 1/5/19 – no skills class

Due to the noise we have opened up a second LEARN TO CROSSFIT Cycle for new members starting this Tuesday, January 8th at 7:30PM! (Tue/Thur/Fri @ 7:30PM)

Our initial Learn To CrossFit cycle has been capped for over a week but we want to accommodate the energy and ambition that continues to come through our doors!

Sign up now while there are only a couple slots left in this second cycle we’ve opened, and meet other new members like you, learn what CrossFit Republic does, the fundamentals and develop a strong foundation going into the regular group classes!

#Fitness4Everyone #NeverSettle #Resolutions #NoRegrets


*Coaches- look at dividing the class into 6 groups for 6 stations

Each movement you will spend 40 seconds completing work and then 20 seconds of rest, then rotating to the next movement immediately, continuously for 24 minutes for total reps. If you are new or need to scale based on how you feel, consider stopping at any point and resting a couple movements OR only completing 2-3 rounds total OR reducing intensity at any movement to ensure you make it entirely through the workout!
This is a place of fitness for everyone!

4 rounds, rotating through for total reps of…

40 sec on/20 sec off Calorie Bike

40 on /20 off Ball Slams 30/20

40 on/20 off Ring Rows (RX- Parallel body)

40 on/20 off Burpees

40 on/20 off Calorie Ski Erg

40 on/20 off Hand Release Pushups

*If RX- lower rings as low as possible to keep body close to parallel to the ground for max resistance – touch your chest to the rings and then fully extend arms at bottom to complete 1 rep

Post your name and total reps achieved!