No Endurance today – W.O.D. Thursday 6/28/18


No Endurance today – W.O.D. Thursday 6/28/18

Please enjoy my beautiful picture, showing where sled pushes will take place. -Macy

*Members!  Aim to park in the main parking areas to far left or right, or even the grass if needed and avoid in front of the building as we will be doing sled pushes. Do not pull the front if possible to avoid. This will be our first time with sled pushes in our new building so this is a trial.  If you do choose to park in one of these front places, then please know it may be hard or impossible to get out of this parking spot while sled pushes are going on in the next class.

*No endurance today!  Try your hand at these sled pushes!  Go hard and enjoy the benefits!

Speed – 18 minutes

*One Score – slowest sled time of the 3 attempts (so this means push fast as you can every time 😉

Complete 3 separate attempts of 50m Sled Pushes for time, resting as needed between attempts. 18 minute cap is to allow time for the whole class to get their 3 attempts in.  If a larger class, 2 attempts may be all you have time for.  If a smaller class, allow them to rest as needed and take up the entire 18 minutes.

RX – Load 180lbs on mens, 140lbs on womens

*Coaches – keep your phone or a stop watch with you.  Yell “3,2,1, go!” and holler out times as athletes are crossing the finish line either way for them to post on the whiteboard.

When coming out of the building, facing toward the road, this will be completed in front of the building starting from front corner of opening to road to opposite end corner, opening to road.  Line all 3 sleds up next to each other and release heats of 3 people.  Half of the class will need to be waiting on the other end to push the sleds back when you prompt them.

All 3 sleds weigh 80 lbs a piece.  Based on class size, make one men’s RX, one women’s RX and one scaled as needed.

Conditioning WOD – 7 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 7 minutes of…
12 Alt. KB Snatches R/L=2 70/55
12 Wall Balls 30/20

*KB must touch ground each rep and switch hands before going back overhead

*You may scale the KB to a dumbbell if needed or not enough KBs available

Post slowest 50m sled push attempt and rounds + reps achieved on workout!