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Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Pricing

You will have easy access to contact your coach that goes beyond the typical weekly check-ins model used in most traditional nutrition coaching platforms. Our number one goal is to help you be successful. While we have many different packages to fit different budgets, take a moment to ask yourself, what is it worth to you to find optimal health? Our goal is not to keep you as a client forever but to arm you with the tools to be successful.

To learn more and get started either contact us or call 417-732-5433.

Jump Start Program

Nutrition Tracking & Toolkit
$59 per month


Tracking templates

Instant educational resources

Remote weekly check-ins

Private, “members only” Facebook community

Periodic nutrition education group seminars

Discount on all Transformation Challenges

**requires 3-month commitment

Flagship Program

Everything you need!
$119 per month


Includes the Jump Start Program plus…

Dedicated personal coach with a detailed program based on your personal lifestyle

1-on-1, face-to-face and remote support

Formal, weekly check-ins and progress reviews

Private, “members only” Facebook community

Unlimited remote access to your coach

Periodic nutrition education group seminars

FREE entry to all Transformation Challenges

**requires 3-month commitment

Transformation Challenge

6-12 week wellness challenge

Don’t miss the next Transformation Challenge to help you attack your goals and keep you motivated with the accountability of others in the challenge!

Challenges happen periodically throughout the year.

Call 417-732-5433 or contact us for schedule and pricing!

Additional Services

Dynamic DNA

Build a better body inside & out. Discover the genetic traits that set you apart.

Use Discount Code CFRF2 for an additional 10% Off!


Stop the guesswork of dieting and find out what works for you.

Nutrition DNA Kit – $149

• 28 Genetic Traits
• Your Nutritional Needs
• Your Sensitivities
• Your Optimum Diet


Train smarter with genetic insights into how your body functions.

Fitness DNA Kit – $149

• 30 Genetic Traits
• Your Strength & Performance
• Your Recovery
• Your Optimum Workout


Train and Eat smarter with genetic insights into how your body functions inside and out.

Fitness + Nutrition DNA Kit – $249

*Save $50 with combo test

• 50 Genetic Traits
• Your Strength, Performance, and Nutritional Needs
• Your Recovery and sensitivities
• Your Optimum Workout and Optimum Diet

Think about it?

Is a higher quality of life worth a small daily investment?
How much will you save on insurance premiums, doctors’ visits, prescriptions, and missed days of work?

We often find ourselves waiting for the “perfect time” to get in shape. The more we try for “perfect timing”, the worse our long-term health becomes. The time is now, because right now is what you have. What are you waiting for? Take one day at a time, one step at a time and twelve months from today you will be celebrating your success instead of looking back to where you wish you could be if you would have started. Let us help you break that cycle.

Ready for a life change? We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and offer you a free consultation.

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