OPEN 20.2 Friday 10/18/19


OPEN 20.2 Friday 10/18/19

Info and Dates to know!

✔️Oct 26th – Saturday awareness 9/10am workout for the Down Syndrome of the Ozarks (i’ll write workout based on one of their inspirational kiddos named Gabe)

✔️Fall CFR Apparel in the works – Leggings, Sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts, hoodie and trucker ball cap coming. Apologies that it’s not already done. Drug my feet on this. (sneak peak of one below)

✔️Nov 9th – CFR Harvest Party at our place (a potluck with live music, fire pits, hay rides, pumpkin painting, hot cocoa stand and more 🙂

✔️Nov 28th – FREE and OPEN TO ALL! Third annual Thanksgiving Day FEASTMODE 5K – we will most likely use this as a donation fundraiser. Organization to benefit to be announced. This is last year’s logo below where we will have shirts available to preorder (run,bike,row event-specifics coming!)


“Pressure can bust pipes, but it can also make diamonds.” – Robert Horey

There’s no such thing as bad events.
And there’s no such thing as bad pressure.
Only how we perceive it.

Pressure is nothing but a catalyst. It’s a force that demands our undivided attention – our full focus, as an ever present reminder that our time here is limited. And that we must keep moving forward. Not tomorrow, but today.
We can all relate back to a time where pressure moved us in a major way. Maybe it was at work, burning the candle on both ends to finish a project. Maybe it was back in school, studying for an exam the next day. Maybe it was the sudden turn of a loved one’s health, opening our eyes to how important it is to spend time with them before it’s too late.

Pressure isn’t bad. It’s only a reminder that we won’t be here forever. Something we often forget.

As many reps as possible in 20 minutes of…
4 Dumbbell Thrusters (50’s/35’s)
6 Toes to Bar
24 Double Unders

20.2 INFO


  • In order to support judging in a class setting, we’ll allot time for 2 heats and 2 practice rounds
  • Partner athletes up and have one go in each heat
  • With a 20 minute workout, we’ll work to get our class quickly warmed up and ready to go
  • For athletes simply doing this as another workout, not for the Open, let’s choose weights and variations that allow for ideally unbroken sets on each movement
  • Heat 1 should start by 15:00 if possible, Heat 2 at 40:00

GROUP WARMUP (unless coach has something consice drawn up)

(0:00 – 7:00)
30 Seconds at each station…
Single Unders
Air Squats
Inchworm to Push-up

Higher Single Unders
Light Dumbbell Front Squats
Kip Swings

Quick Single Unders
Light Dumbbell Push Press
Knees to Chest

Double Unders
Light Dumbbell Thrusters
Toes to Bar

Warmup performed with light set of dumbbells

The focus on all 3 movements today is “squeeze”. On the rope, this means squeezing the legs straight by flexing the quads. This creates elevation on the body and prevents the legs from bending. More elevation means more time for the rope to spin around. Less bending means less wasted movement and less of a chance that the lower body makes contact with the rope.

Movement Subs
Reduce Reps
48 Single Unders
30 Seconds of Practice

Squeezing on the toes to bar refers to our arch position. Squeezing the butt and quads in the back swing makes for a tight arch. The more tension we have in the back half, the easier it will be in the front half. Stay tight.

Movement Subs
Reduce Reps
Toes as High as Possible
Knees to Chest
Knees to Waist

Squeezing the quads and butt hard coming out of the squat will help launch the bells off the shoulders and prevents the legs from re-bending, which is not allowed based on the movement standards. With any core to extremity movement, we want the bigger muscles to pass off to the smaller muscles. Throw the weight overhead by squeezing the legs straight, then finish with the arms.


  • Over the course of the 20 minutes, little things make a big difference in the grand scheme of the workout
  • Just going a few seconds faster by minimizing transitions can be the difference of a few rounds when all is said and done
  • Set the rope and dumbbells down neatly after each set
  • The little extra effort at the end of each set is worth not having to untangle the rope or coral the dumbbells before starting the next one
  • Make it as easy as possible to just get started on the next set
  • Keep all your equipment close to the pull-up bar to further minimize transition time


  • The rep numbers today incentivize athletes to go ideally unbroken
  • For athletes on the fence about going unbroken, try to at least complete the thrusters unbroken, as that is the hardest movement to break
  • The movements that are easier to break are the toes to bar and double unders – so break there if needed
  • It’s all about finding a rhythm and the max pace you can sustain for the 20 minutes of work
  • Establish a goal split time for each round and try to stick to it
  • Below are several examples of what round splits will get you for total rounds at the end of the 20 minutes:
    • On the 45: 26 Rounds
    • On the 50: 24 Rounds
    • **On the 55: **~22 Rounds
    • On the 60: 20 Rounds
    • On the 70: ~17 Rounds
    • On the 80: 15 Rounds
    • On the 90: ~13 Rounds
  • If it helps, you can even write down what the exact splits you are trying to hit before the workout begins
  • For an easy example, if you’re aiming for 20 rounds you’d try to have your rounds done on the 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00…
  • If you’re aiming for 24 rounds, you’d try to have your rounds done on the 0:50, 1:40, 2:30, 3:20….