Partner “Filthy Fifty” Friday W.O.D. 7/16/21


Partner “Filthy Fifty” Friday W.O.D. 7/16/21

*This is one of the oldest benchmark workouts in Crossfit! So today, instead of going solo, we will do a partner version of it, so you can enjoy the “burn” together! If you decide to go solo or there is an uneven amount of athletes, work through this workout one movement at a time, down the list until complete.
Yes, this is a long workout, and may not be completed.

*Score – total time completed as a team. If you do not finish, which is very possible, you will add one second to the time cap per rep not completed

Document it, and how you completed any movements… when we revisit this workout, you’ll be able to compare your improvements!

Partner “Filthy Fifty” – 40 min time cap

*Your team will alternate movements. Partner 1 will complete the movements with astericks the first round, as partner two does the other movements, and then they will trade for round 2, so each gets in all movements. Example – #1 – 50 box jumps #2 50 Jumping Pullups, #1 50 KB Swings… and so on alternating until 2 rounds has been complete! Yes you must complete all 50 reps of your movement while your partner rests.

2 rounds for time:
*50 Box jump 24/20
50 Jumping pull-ups
*50 KB Swings 55/35
50 Stationary Body weight Lunges R/L=2
*50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press 45/35
*50 Good Mornings 45/35
50 Wall balls 20/14
*50 Burpees
50 Double unders

*Kettlebell weight for the original bench mark is 35lbs only, but for the sake of equipment and typical CFR weight used in a workout, 55/35 will be the weight used for today as well.

*Note that jumping pullups ARE RX as it’s originally written!

Post total times!