Partner W.O.D. and Skills Class Saturday 11/3/18


Partner W.O.D. and Skills Class Saturday 11/3/18

Skills Class

Today’s skill:  Toes to bar and pullups  10-10:30AM

At CrossFit Republic, we are all about making better athletes and giving you the knowledge to improve your skills. It is tough to spend enough time practicing and perfecting certain movements and skills in the fast-paced group classes or during a WOD, so for this reason, we have a weekly Skills Class.

After completion of class, you will leave with a handful of drills that you can perform on your own time to increase your skill capacity and work towards advancing to the next level of that skill. Examples of skills worked on during class might include: rope climbs, handstand pushups, pull-ups, overhead squats, etc.

The Skills Class will be offered on Saturdays at 10 – 10:30AM, following our 9am group workout and during our open gym time!  Childcare available!

Partner Conditioning Workout – 30 minutes

*Split reps as needed

*Both partners must run the 400m med ball carry together with only 1 ball, switching as often as needed

As many rounds + reps as possible in 30 minutes of…

400/300m Row

40 Handstand Pushups (RX-25s/abmat)

40/30 Cal Bike

40 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters 115/75

400m Med ball run 30/20 (both athletes, only 1 ball)

40 KB Swings 55/35

40/30 Tire Flips

*Scale handstand pushups with stacked abmats, accumulative 2 minutes of inversion split however needed, OR 40 Push Press 115/75

*Scale med ball run with either a lighter ball or no ball at all.  If one of the partners needs to row or bike instead due to an issue, they may do so until the other partner gets back from the run

*If all female team (not mixed), you may use the converted distances and reps shown above.  Otherwise a male/female team must do all reps listed accordingly

Post teams and total times!