Partner W.O.D. Wednesday 7/28/21


Partner W.O.D. Wednesday 7/28/21

For Time [30:00 Time Cap]:

200 Double Unders
(Partner hangs from pull-up bar)
20 Calorie Machine (share the cals)
100 Knees-to-Elbow (not knees to armpits, get them up there!)
(Partner holds a plank on elbows)
40 Calorie Machine (share the cals)
80 Dumbbell Front Rack Stationary Lunges (50/35) R/L=2
(P1 Lunges with DB / P2 Holds their DB in front rack. Switch as needed)
60 Calorie Machine (share the cals)
4 x 200m Run (partners run 200m x 2 each / P1 Runs, while P2 Rests)

Score = Time it takes to complete the workout
30:00 Time Cap

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-5:00]
Time Stimulus: 30:00 Time Cap
Category: Threshold
Goal: To imagine you and your partner are one person aka smooth transitions.
Score: This is a “For Time” workout. The score will be the time it takes to complete the workout. If you and your partner are time capped, log 30:00 as the time and add in the notes section how far you got it. The Run scoring is 10 meters = 1 rep.

200 DU’s should take ~3:00-4:00

Regardless of the machine, we should aim to be off under 2:00 / 4:00 / 6:00 respective to each.

KNEES-TO-ELBOWS (not knees to arm pits)
100 K2E’s should take less than 5:00 (20 per minute). If this isn’t attainable, reduce the reps to 80.

200m of shared work should take less than 5:00. Partners will carry the DB in both hands in the front rack position.

A 200m sprint should take less than :45.

Cut all the repetitions /distances in half, or join a team and shadow one of the athletes. When they go you go, and whatever movement they are on you are as well.

**Activate/Get Hot/Practice**
:30 Jump Rope
:10 Hang from Pull-Up Bar

W/ partner
:30 Bike (each)

:30 Kip to Knees Up
:30 Plank Hold (Elbows)

W/ partner
:30 Bike (each)

20 In-Place Lunges (bodyweight)

W/ partner
:30 Bike (each)

Run 200m

*(The only partnered movement in the warm-up is on the bike. Athlete complete the rest solo on the command of the coach)*

**FOCUS: TEAMWORK – “Communication, Honesty, and Realistic Sets**
This one’s about working together today, folks!

STRATEGY & WORKOUT [23:00-53:00]
30:00 Time Cap
Simply put, this is a team effort. If we approach it this way, we will accomplish the work quicker.
Teamwork means knowing your partner and sticking to rep schemes that they can sustain throughout the workout.
If you try to push your partner harder than their current fitness allows, it will be counter-productive as they will fatigue faster.
This means you should communicate and still challenge each other! However, if the plan isn’t working anymore, change it. For example, if 10 K2E’s is not sustainable, quickly default to sets of 5 or 3. 
The key to strong and effective teamwork is the ability to communicate and be honest with each other.
Have fun with this one, folks!!!

**[General Order – 1) Can Scale Intensity via loads, reps/distance, time 2) Movements via modifications, substitutions or replacement (injury)]**

* Decrease Reps
* 300 Single Unders

* Decrease Load/Reps

* Decrease Reps
* Hanging Knee Raises
* Abmat Sit-ups

* Plank off Box
* Dead Hang From Bar

Extra Work

**[Designed for members wanting a little more – to be completed outside of the 60-minute class]**
**4 Sets for Quality:**
1:00 Double KB Front Rack Hold 55s/35s
Max Set of Strict Ring Dips