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As a MamaStrong athlete we will work with you to cultivate appropriate mental strategies and establish baseline principles for: breath, core engagement, alignment and movement patterns. From this foundation we: build, expand, and modify to best suit your pre/postnatal goals. Going beyond the physical training, these sessions are structured to help you develop practices and intentions to support how you live, and enhance your joy and quality of life inside and out of the gym.

Initial Consultation Session:

A. Intake form review
— Introductions and getting to know one another better

B. Discussion of goals and mentality
— Where is your mindset currently
— What you hope to achieve
— Other dialogue as needed

C. Why pre and postnatal bodies deserve extra considerations in fitness

D. Brief lesson on what the Pelvic Floor and Core System are

E. Intro to Foundational topics:
1. Posture
2. Breathing
3. Movement patterns

F. Details on what future sessions will entail/look like


Initial Consultation – 60-90 minutes


Single One-On-One Session


6 Weeks

$65/session = $390

9 Weeks

$60/session = $540

12 Weeks

$55/session = $660

*One session would cover an entire week of planning for the client, addressing the modifications of their workouts and lifestyle

*As the package deal comes to a close and a desire to continue with more sessions, the price of the originally purchased package will be “grandfathered” in, with each session priced the same as paid previously (each additional session must be used within 14 days or less to keep this deal)

Discounts based on size of package, which can be determined at initial consultation and as you go, based on your immediate needs and progress

Rachel Reed — CF Lv 2 Cert / CF Mobility Cert / CF Gymnastics Cert / Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism / ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

My initial interest for jumping in on pre and postnatal training, stemmed from the belief our bodies are amazing, intricate, beautiful mysteries. We possess the capacity and ability to achieve greatly, and yet can’t always understand or control what is going on with them. Furthermore, the various seasons and demands of life invite us to question and adapt in how we nourish, strengthen, and promote our health.

Few instances illustrate these points more clearly than the months prior and after giving birth.

With that in mind, for my future self’s sake as well as the numerous mothers and women I work with as a Crossfit coach, I began pressing into all things: pregnancy, female, and fitness.

I knew it would be good, but never could I have imagined where my seeking would lead.

Ultimately it took my ponderings on how movement can best benefit our lives…and introduced me to a world of new considerations, tools, and mentalities for allowing movement to do just that. It encouraged me to further seek out practices that honor health: from our activity in the gym to our adventures in life. It highlighted that, just as we are individuals, the styles and intensities of our movement will look different person to person, and season to season.

As a means to better serve other women and athletes working to realize these principles in their own fitness journey…I completed the Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism coach certification (NSCA approved) from Brianna Battles. Through out my investigation of pre and postnatal exercise I was introduced to many amazing resources and professionals, but Brianna really caught my attention. She paired her solid insight into training female/mom athletes, with a mindset message of: guidance, hope, and progress. I was all about…well, all of that!

To this I add my knowledge from 5+ years of L-1 Crossfit coaching and recently obtained L-2 Certification. I bring years of personal experience from participating in “the sport of fitness” and a general background of athletics…which includes various periods of modifying around injuries (core and pelvic health issues being on that list. So when I say “I understand.” I really do, haha!) as well as training specifically towards competition/performance goals.

I am excited for the opportunity to encourage others, exploring together how fitness can be a part of their lifestyle: in a way that enriches, challenges, and builds them up. To guide athletes in movement practices that respect their needs/limitations and contributes to their greater aspirations is my passion. Above all, I’m delighted to contribute to an culture of overarching strength and energy…aimed at helping people live their lives as well and vivaciously as possible.

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