Rock Tape Certified

How are RockTape services provided by Katie different from buying tape at the store and applying it myself and following videos or manuals?
Manuals and videos that you find are very limited to taping for pain in a specific body part. However, pain may merely be a symptom of mobility or structural limitations elsewhere in the body extending beyond the site of pain. During a RockTape-certified taping session, different movements will be assessed and an analysis will be performed to examine all planes of motion during different conditions. It is from this pre-/post-testing that Katie can truly capture which planes of motion have the potential for improvement.

How long does RockTape last on the skin?
Tape wear can vary from 2-5 days per manufacturer report. In the clinic I have compared KinesioTape, KT tape, Meuller, and RockTape. By far, RockTape has performed the best with children and adults with both sensitive and tough skin types. It holds up well with multiple days of sweat and showering due to its cotton make-up. RockTape is by no means something to be permanently dependent on. If properly used, it is a valuable training tool to minimize need for long-term bracing.

How much does it cost to see a RockTape-certified provider at CFR?
Once you buy a $20 box of RockTape (tax included), your first certified taping session and consult is FREE! You keep the tape you buy, over 16 feet of tape! Once you return for another consult, all that is charged is $1/minute with your box of RockTape in hand.

When are RockTape Sessions available?
RockTape/Rock Blading Sessions will be on Saturdays 9-11AM. You can always call in at 732-5433 to set an appointment or just show up!

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