Tyler Hanewinkel

Tyler Hanewinkel


  • CFL1 Cert

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, by two amazing parents alongside my three siblings. My parents are both Christians so we grew up going to church regularly and being involved in all kinds of programs and events. My parents were also hard workers. My dad has been a welder for Exxon for as long as I can remember and my mom worked for La Quinta Inn all while homeschooling my siblings and me. My drive to work hard definitely comes from them!

My background in sports and fitness didn’t start until 7th grade when I played basketball for a homeschool team. The first practice left me sore for a week. After that ended, the only way I could stay fit was to program my own bodyweight workouts, which consisted of only pushups, situps, pullups, and running. When I got to college, I took a couple of weightlifting classes. P90X came out and seemed like it worked for anyone, but I didn’t have the equipment. Then Insanity came out and I LOVED it!!

In January of 2015, I moved to Springfield to attend Baptist Bible College. This is around the time I started hearing about CrossFit. There was one guy on campus who would preach about how great it was, but I was one of those guys who thought it was lame. “Crossfitters kip everything. They’re not even strong” was my main thought, but my aunt and cousin convinced me to try it for the first time. During my next visit to Houston, a local gym was giving away a free week to newcomers. I quickly fell in love with it! All the weightlifting, bodyweight training, and cardio that I had been doing my whole life was all wrapped into one workout.

I continued to do CrossFit for free at school, but I was doing it by myself. I knew I wanted to find a home gym in the Springfield area, but I didn’t know where to look, so I asked Wes Osbourne at Supplement Superstore where I should go. I told him “I want a gym that has a great atmosphere and can also push me competitively.” Without hesitation, he said, “Dude, you need to check out CrossFit Republic!” Later that week, I looked up a live video that Macy Mitchell (the owner) was recording of the 9am class doing a “12 Days of Christmas” workout. It looked like fun so I went that night and signed up immediately after the workout.

It’s been almost 2 years since my first day at CrossFit Republic. I’ve grown so much, not just in the aspect of my fitness, but as a person as well. My passion to help others on their fitness journey has become what I desire to do for the rest of my life. CFR is like my second home, and I believe God has his hand in getting me here.