Staci W

“I was super hesitant about joining. I’ve seen the posts about what people do at CrossFit, and I am so out of shape. When you haven’t worked out for real in several years, that can seem intimidating. Well, I am so glad I did! The coaches are super helpful and encouraging. I love that they have a Learn To class before you join the regular workouts. The first time I joined a regular workout, I felt so welcome by the other athletes there. I love that you can scale the workouts. I definitely can not do a full pull up yet. But, I can do one off a box, and I’m not the only one scaling down. I was gone for a month on vacation, and was contacted by 3 different people making sure I was ok. And, those same 3 people gave me a very warm welcome when I came back. Thank you for making me feel part of a community! I really needed that!”

-Staci W