Team Hero Workout – Hometown Heroes Saturday 8/9/10am 1/30/21


Team Hero Workout – Hometown Heroes Saturday 8/9/10am 1/30/21

These are SO IMPORTANT to us and means so much to our first responders, active/veteran military, and their families! We want to honor their sacrifices and their lives with our time and energy, and in the CrossFit world, a tribute before a tough workout and our mindset during the workout is our means of doing that. It’s an emotional time.

Code1 Wellness is focused on mental health services to first responders and their families facing PTSD. SO IMPORTANT! They will have a table set up to provide information and even take donations if it’s on your heart. These are friends of mine who have hearts of gold, and are first responders themselves.

Here’s the workout I’ll be writing based on the stats below.
***always based on stats or biography of the deceased hero(es)(see below)

“Hometown Heroes”

*In teams of 2, splitting work as needed.

For timeā€¦

Buy In: 2019m machine or run (6,057m Bike)
228 Pullups
119 Bar Over Burpees
20 Squat Clean Thrusters (clusters) 165/115

*Scale pullups with any means necessary (jumping, banded, or ring rows)
*Make the clusters challenging. 1 grinding rep at a time as you finish the workout

*if odd number of athletes, teams of 1 need to join another team and “shadow”. This means in your own box work when one of the team members work, and then rest when they rest, getting in as much work as you can when they do.

2019 suicides:
*228 police officers (source: Blue Help)
*119 firefighters (source: firefighter behavioral health alliance)
*20 EMS (source: firefighter behavioral health alliance)
Extra Facts – PTSD rates: Police 20% Fire 30% Ems 34%

Total 32% of all first responders are diagnosed with PTSD.

A word from Code1:

“Code1 Wellness is a not for profit organization aimed to provide mental health services to first responders and their families. Code1 has licensed mental health therapists on staff to provide therapy to those in need of it. Our goal is to have any first responder to access these services at little to no cost to the responder (whether utilizing insurances, sliding fee scale or applying for a scholarship). To date, not one first responder has been turned away due to financial concerns. This is why support from the community is so important! For every $60 donated, it provides 1 hour of therapy to a first responder or family member.”