Team Strength/Conditioning WOD – 30 min cap


Team Strength/Conditioning WOD – 30 min cap

Teams of 2, spitting reps however desired…

For time…
15 Squat Cleans 225/155
5 Rope Climbs
400m Run (together)
12 Squat Cleans 225/155
4 Rope Climbs
400m Run (together)
9 Squat Cleans 225/155
3 Rope Climbs
400m Run (together)
6 Squat Cleans 225/155
2 Rope Climbs
400m Run (together)

*Notice the descending reps on squats cleans and rope climbs as you go

*if one partner is unable to run or needs to scale the run one athlete can run while the other picks a machine. When the athlete that runs returns then the other will be done with the machine and they can continue on the barbell

*If both choose to not run, and scale, you can substitute the run with…
-500/400m Row
-400/300m Ski
-30/24 Calorie Bike
***You cannot move on until both partners have completed their machine, but please based on your abilities scale the machines as needed. It’s your world, your journey.

*If uneven amount of athletes, either have extra athlete join another team and shadow. Go when partner 1 goes and rest when partner 1 rests, then complete the run with the team of 2. Otherwise you may do this workout solo, by cutting reps to 8,4,6,3,4,2,2,1 with a 400m run in between each like above.

*Scale squat cleans with a power clean + front squat if needed, or use DBs as needed.

*Scale rope climbs with 1:1 Half rope climb, 3:1 rope walks, 8:1 knees to elbows on rig or 10:1 ring rows