TEAM W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 10/26/17


TEAM W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 10/26/17



Big Saturday coming!  Plan accordingly!


Saturday morning at 9am, we will be joining other gyms around the area, as we all do a specific Hero WOD at our individual gyms.  We will be completing the Hero WOD “Chloe”, a local 13 yr old hero to the 417 area, and beyond, for the life she lost to save another. There will a follow up event at CrossFit Raw Steel from 1-3PM where there will be a silent auction, as well as food, all in support of the Chloe Butcher Memorial Scholarship. 

Here is a link to the event on Facebook – Hero WOD Chloe –






Next, Please join the CFR Family as we celebrate Coach Josh and Coach Sara’s marriage this Saturday, Oct 28th at 6PM! The party will be at our place (the Mitchell Home)! 

Similar to our annual Harvest Party for the gym, we will have fire pits, games, smores, snacks, drinks (nonalcoholic), and a chance to hang out with the gym family.  Bring your families! The weather will be a little chilly but put on your comfy clothes and come spend some time celebrating with them!   

Although we are on some land in Republic, please carpool if you could.

Address to our place is 275 E. Miller Rd in Republic!   If you are Main Street, go toward Clever, and take an immediate left onto Miller Rd, (same road as the aquatic center) and then we are the 4th house on the left off the road about 500ft.


Below: A little glimpse of the special couple we are celebrating and our Harvest get-together last year with the CFR family.  See you there!




*Coaches – consider a general 5-8 minute warmup consisting of jogging, inch worms, air squats, etc… and then into group snatch technique work with EVERYONE including endurance, as this will warm up everything needed for the WOD as well as allow athletes to utilize the form just taught on snatches.



Team Conditioning WOD – 35 min cap


In teams of two, alternating sets of 10 reps on each movement, complete for time… 


60 Moderately Heavy Snatches 135/95  CompRX – Unbroken sets of 10

60 Ring Pushups   CompRX – UB sets of 10

60 Wall Balls 20/14  CompRX – UB sets 30/20

60 KB Swings 55/35  CompRX – UB sets 70/55

800m Med Ball Run together 20/14  Comp RX- 30/20



  • Total of 30 reps a movement for each athlete (Ex – Athlete 1 – 10 snatches, Athlete 2 – 10 snatches… and so on alternating through the workout…)

  • Use a weight on snatches where it is tough to do more than 3-4 without dropping the bar

  • If going beyond prescribed with CompRX, you must go unbroken on every set of 10 reps completed through the WOD, no singles, not even snatches

  • Scaling Ring Pushups – increase the incline of the pushup OR scale to hand release pushups

  • On 800m med ball run, you may switch off as often as needed.  Finish strong.


Post your team and total times on the whiteboard!


CFR Endurance WOD – 35 min 

For newbies -Endurance is offered every Tue/Thur during daily WOD!  Longer workouts, lighter weights, with added running or rowing

*Coaches please start endurance at the same time as the daily WOD.

Climb the ladder as high as possible in 35 minutes of…

9 Snatch 75/55

11 Hand Realease Pushups

13 Wall Balls 14/10

15 KB Swings  55/35

100m Med Ball Run  14/10

9 Snatch 75/55

11 Hand Realease Pushups

13 Wall Balls 14/10

15 KB Swings  55/35

200m Med Ball Run 14/10

… and so on increasing the running distance each round until time expires…