Team W.O.D. and Skills Saturday 11/18/17


Team W.O.D. and Skills Saturday 11/18/17


Team Conditioning WOD – 40 min cap

Teams of 3, split reps however desired for time:

100/80 Calorie Bike (M/F)

85 Box Overs 24/20

75 Alt. KB Snatches 55/35 R/L = 2

65 Toes to Bar

65 Overhead Stationary Lunges R/L = 2 95/65

75 Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls 95/65

85 Box Overs

100/80 Calorie Bike

*You may not do less than 10 calories or more than 25 calories on the bike during your turn

*Aim for teams of 3, but if odd number, teams of 2 complete 30 less reps of each.  If solo complete 40 less reps of each.

Post total times!

CFR Skills Class – 10-10:30AM

*For those unaware, we have a weekly skills class after our Saturday workout, where we take a specific skill and have a chance to break it down and work in a small group setting, helping you accomplish whatever skill it may be.

Handstand Pushups

Variations to cover

  • Strict
  • Kipping
  • Deficit
  • Stacking abmats
  • Off a box
  • Barbell strict press
  • KB or DB strict or push press

Find what works best for you and with the coach determine what will help you get to the next level!