TEAM W.O.D. Friday 10/23/20


TEAM W.O.D. Friday 10/23/20

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“”Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most.” – Abraham Lincoln
The desire to seek immediate gratification can be our mortal enemy. It drives us towards the comfortable choice. The safer option, or the compromise.
What we lack in those weak moments is discipline. Discipline is the willingness to stick to goals we set out to do. Emotions and conditions can tempt to sway us, where our discipline can see the temptations for what they are, and make the right decision.
This skill, as it truly is one that we can practice, has been linked many times over to being a critical component of success.
 What our emotions drive us towards today, may very well be directly against what we want in the long run. So we must question them. Stacked side by side, here we need to choose. Which one do we want more? There can only be one.

Team Strength – 15 minutes

As a team of 2, each find a Heavy Set of 3 Push press from the rack.
*Your combined total of your best 3 rep will be your score


  • Athletes will have 15 minutes to build to a heavy set of 3 out of the rack
  • We want to make sure that these remain push presses, not push jerks
  • Let’s build to weights that allow athletes to keep the knees locked as the bar travels overhead
  • The push press turns into a push jerk when we re-bend the knees to receive the barbell
  • Look to make it around to each athlete at least once for feedback on their push presses

Team Conditioning WOD

As many reps as possible in 16 minutes of…

*Here’s the twist. Teammates must alternate movements throughout the workout.
Example – Athlete 1 completes 3 KB Swings, Athlete 2 does 3 Box Jumps, Athlete 1 completes 3 Calories… then athlete 2 completes 6 KB Swings, athlete 1 does 6 Box Jumps, then athlete 1 does 6 calories… and so on alternating movements, climbing as high as possible!
Go hard… this workout will move fast

Athlete 1 – 3 KB Swings 70/55
Athlete 2 – 3 Box Jumps 24/20
1 – 3 Calorie Machine
2 – 6 Push Presses (115/85)
1 – 6 KB Swings
2 – 6 Calorie Machine
…and so on…

[Add 3 Reps Every Round]

OPTION 1- Extra Work (before or after class)

Tempo Back Squats
7 sets of 2 (5,1,1)

5 Seconds down, pause 1 second at bottom, explode up

*We won’t base this on percentages. It should be uncomfortable by set 4 as you increase weight as you go
*Focus on total control and engagement
*Score isn’t the main focus here. We don’t want to “game it” to look good. Use this work to get better. You may post your best score though for documenting purposes.

OPTION 2 – Extra Work (Before or after class)

Gymnastic Stamina – 15 minute cap

*Percentages based on a max effort of these movements

Not For Time:
1:30 Easy Machine, 45% Max Ring Muscle-ups
1:30 Easy Machine, 50% Max Ring Muscle-ups
1:30 Easy Machine, 55% Max Ring Muscle-ups
2:00 Easy Machine, 45% Max Ring Muscle-ups
2:00 Easy Machine, 50% Max Ring Muscle-ups
2:00 Easy Machine, 55% Max Ring Muscle-ups

*Post total Muscle Ups completed
*Scaling – Use percentages with these movements as needed as well – Bar MUs, Chest to Bar Pullups, Pullups, Banded Pullups, Ring Rows and place in notes what you used…