Team W.O.D. Friday 10/13/17


Team W.O.D. Friday 10/13/17

Reminders – 

  • Competitor Class Wed and Fri at 7am – 8:45am.  For those with a firm foundation in crossfit, preferably a year under your belt, this class with heavier weights, added skills, and added volume, is to get you to another level whether that’s competing or just to get you at another level in Crossfit

  • NEW Noon Class Mon, Wed, Fridays!  Trial basis! So if you need them or have friends who need them, now’s the time to prove that we should keep these classes!

  • Got Your Six Coffee and mugs for sale up front, which sales supports our veterans and first responders with proceeds given to help with homelessness, suicide awareness and PTSD



Strength/Accessory Work- 16 minutes


(4 sets) Every other minute on the minute, alternate/superset movements and perform…


  1. Front-Racked Stationary Lunge x 10 steps (off the rack as heavy as possible)

  2. Death March x 20 steps 35/25 KB or DB in each hand  (vid below)


***Example – 0:00 – Lunge,  2:00 – March,  4:00 – Lunge,  6:00 – March… and so on, alternating every 2 minutes (4 sets each)…

Death March




Team Conditioning WOD – 16 minutes


In teams of two, complete as many rounds + reps as possible in 16 minutes of:

*split reps however desired, but both athletes must complete run together, while 1 person carries the med ball

*work fast, 16 minutes will go fast between 2 athletes


200m Med Ball Run (20 reps) 20/14   CompRX 30/20
20 Hand Release Pushups    CRX – Ring Pushups
20 Pullups     CRX – Chest to Bar

*scale pullups – 1:1 jumping pullups, 2:1 Ring rows

Post greatest weight used on lunges, RX or scaled on death marches, and team/time on the WOD!