Team W.O.D. Friday 4/23/21


Team W.O.D. Friday 4/23/21

“The highest compliment you can pay me is that I work hard every day… that I never dog it.” — Wayne Gretzky

The more we study the great, the more we see this recurring theme. Across the board – from sport to conference room – there is something the great point at. The root they attribute their success to.

It’s not something they did, but instead how they did it.

At the end of our lives, as we look back, what will we think? What will we judge it by?

When we look back, we won’t define ourselves with what we did, but how we did it.

Full heart, full commitment, full effort. Wherever we go.

Strength – 12 minutes
*Teams of 2

Find a 1 rep snatch complex. Score is sum total weight of both athletes. Write who was on your team in notes section.

1 Hang Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch

*If athletes need to scale this, use a snatch then overhead squat on both movements or a PVC/Lead pipe. Have to focus on technique to get better at these tough movements!

TEAM Conditioning WOD – 14 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 14 minutes of…

*Teams of 2
*Athletes must alternate full rounds (athlete 1 – 10 box, 10 snatch; athlete 2 – 10 box, 10 snatch… and so on…)

10 Box Overs (24″/20″)
10 Hang Squat Snatches (95/65)
*If needed to scale athlete can complete hang power snatch + overhead squat

*If odd number of athletes, aim to either have extra athletes shadow another team. Pick a person on that team and go when they do. OR if they rather do it solo… do a full round then rest for 90 seconds and go again, to get a similar stimulus

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-3:00]

  • A classic gasser!!!!!! This one is fast and there is no place to hide!
  • 14 minute workout
  • There is a lot of ‘jump and land’ between the Box Over & Hang Squat Snatch, which keep the heart rate high.
  • Athlete can shoot for 2 minute rounds.
  • Goal: 7 Rounds as a team


  • A very familiar movement that will elevate the heart rate considerably.


  • A jump and land in an overhead squat – from the hang! Woof! This will demand a lot of the lower back and lats.
  • Let’s keep a close eye on loading for this movement. It’s another sneaky one that could have some athlete breaking way more than needed for this time domain. Lighter is better here!

GENERAL WARMUP (3:00-11:00)
30 Seconds of Each:

  • 20” (Low Height) alternating box step ups
  • Slow and Controlled Air Squats
  • PVC Pass Throughs – Click here: Video
  • Box Jumps & Step Down (Low Height)
  • Kang Squats (Bodyweight “Good Morning” to squat to stand)
  • PVC Around the Worlds (15 Seconds Each Direction) Video

Barbell Ankle Stretch: 1 Minute
Click here: Video
Pigeon Pose + Wrist Stretch: 90 Seconds Each Side
Click here: Video
Overhead Stretch on Wall: 1 Minute
Click here: Video

Focus: “Landing Low on the Box”

  • This movement does not require athletes to stand up on top of the box, so staying low can be more efficient.
  • Imagine jumping on the box in a room with very low ceilings.

Movement Prep (3:00)
6 Box Jumps w/ a pause on the Box – Coaches: focus on finding an ideal landing position for your athletes. The goal is to not allow the chest to collapse onto the thighs. Think “Land tall!” and step off.
4 Box Jumps with no pause – Coaches: focus on the same point of performance. Athletes can jump or step off.
6 reps to practice – offer stylistic positions & 6 – Coaches: demonstrate a variety of ways to jump on and get off the box. We always recommend resisting the urge to rebound. The reward is usually not worth the risk.

Focus: “Finding an Vertical Torso before Jumping”

  • If the shoulder is not stacked over the hip (vertical) before we jump, the hip will drive forward and the athlete will typically jump forward.
  • As the bar approached the mid-thigh position, think knees forward and shoulder over the hip. Click here: DEMO

Movement Prep (empty barbell) (8:00)
5 Mid-Thigh to Dip (pause in the dip) & Stand – Coaches: look for knees forward and shoulders stacked over the hips (vertical torso), pause them in the dip to see this, then stand.
5 Mid-Thigh to Shrug – Coaches: look for vertical torso before the jump
5 Hang Power Snatch (pause in the landing position)
5 Overhead Squats (with a :2 pause in the bottom)
5 Squat Snatch (2 reps with a pause in the bottom of the squat / 3 reps with no pause)
(For the last three progressions, we are pausing in receiving positions to assess sound overhead and receiving positions)

1 Round:
(With Workout Weight):
4 Box Overs
3 Hang Squat Snatches
2 Box Overs
1 Hang Squat Snatch

WORKOUT [37:00-47:00]

  • Stepping off the box will lower the heart rate and may not take up too much time.
  • The Hang Squat Snatch will get very grippy fast and athletes will not be a rush to squat fast after the Box Overs.
  • More breaks is better even though it is only 10 reps. Consider a 5-5 or 5-3-2 with quick breaks.
  • Just be ready to jump on the box after the snatches. Have your athletes jump higher than they think they will need – the legs will feel incredibly heavy towards the second half of the workout.


  • 200m Run
  • 200/160m Ski Erg
  • 12/9 Calorie Bike
  • 250m Row


  • Decrease Load
  • 5 PVC Hang Power Snatches + 5 PVC Overhead Squats

Cool Down

  • Child’s Pose on Box: 1:00
    Click here: Video
  • Barbell Forearm Smash: 1:00 each side
    Click here: Video
  • Pigeon Pose on Box: 1:00 each side
    Click here: Video
  • Static Calf Stretch: :30 each side

Extra Work


  • 400m Double KB Farmer’s Carry (70/55)