TEAM W.O.D. Friday 5/10/19


TEAM W.O.D. Friday 5/10/19

Finish the week off right with this fun team workout!


“Hope and despair are both self-fulfilling prophecies.” – Ernest Hemingway

If you are in the market for a blue Honda, all you see on the road are blue Honda’s. It’s as if they are seemingly everywhere. In every intersection, passing us on the highway, and even on our street.

Yet, they were there the whole time.

We see what we are looking for. It’s called the “Reticular Activation System”.

This is a built in, real system each one of us has innately… it’s a survival mechanism. If we needed to look for food, we started to see it. Or if danger was close by in the form of a man-eating predator, we’d notice it quickly. It’s an incredible power, effectively bringing into our world what our thoughts are hovering around.

Are we focused on what might go wrong?
Or are we focused on what will make it go right?

Our mind is going to have words, whether we like it or not. The choice of those words… that one is on us. Let’s fill it with the reasons why we are going to succeed.


Conditioning WOD – 27 minutes

Teams of 3, splitting reps however desired.

As many reps as possible in 8 minutes of…
100/70 Calorie Bike
Max Overhead Squats in remaining time 95/65

Rest 3 Minutes

As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of…
80/60 Calorie Bike
Max Hang Squat Cleans in remaining time 115/85

Rest 3 Minutes

As many reps as possible in 6 minutes of…
60/40 Calorie Bike
Max Thrusters in remaining time 135/95


  • Teams of 3 will break up reps how they see fit
  • Score is the sum of total reps at each barbell movement
  • Must finish the bike first before moving to the barbell


  • Athletes should be able to complete at least the following rep ranges for each movement during the workout:
    • Overhead Squats: 7-10 Reps
    • Hang Squat Cleans: 5-7 Reps
    • Thrusters: 3-5 Reps


  • Teammates using different weights can have multiple bars on the floor
  • Mixed Team Bike Calories:
    • **2 Girls, 1 Guy **
      • First Bike: 80 Calories
      • Second Bike: 65 Calories
      • Third Bike: 45 Calories
    • 2 Guys, 1 Girl
      • First Bike: 90 Calories
      • Second Bike: 75 Calories
      • Third Bike: (55 Calories
  • Bike Subs
    • Equal Calorie Row

Straighten the Legs
Our main focus on all three barbell movements today will be straightening the legs. With the thruster, we want to straighten the legs aggressively as we come out of the squat. This hard triple extension will help athletes get the bar overhead quickly. Especially with a heavier thruster today, we are thinking less reps, but better reps. It is better to launch 3-5 reps overhead per set than it is to press out more.

Straighten the Legs
On the hang squat clean, the goal for extension is the same. This time, the bar is going from the above the knee to the shoulder instead of shoulder to overhead. Jumping hard by straightening the legs gives athletes more time to pull themselves under the weight and into the squat. The addition to this movement is also to make sure to straighten the legs and stand tall to finish the movement. When cycling the barbell quickly, it is common to bring the bar back down before standing all the way up.

Straighten the Legs
Just like we did at the finish of the hang squat clean, we want to ensure full range of motion by standing to full extension in the overhead squat. In this finish position, all the joints are stacked over each other. Wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles will all be in one straight line. Pushing the hips forward when coming out of the squat is something that can help athletes cycle these reps faster and maintain full range.


  • With rest built in, looking for a fast pace
  • Switch before you slow down or near failure


  • Switch every 5-10 calories or 10-20 seconds


  • The weight goes up with each barbell movement, so the reps we hold will likely be smaller in each AMRAP
  • As referenced before, try to hold somewhere in this range during the workout:
    • Overhead Squats: 7-10 reps
    • Hang Squat Cleans: 5-7 reps
    • Thrusters: 3-5 reps