Team W.O.D. Friday 9/14/18


Team W.O.D. Friday 9/14/18

Bring a Friend FREE Saturday!

This Saturday is Bring a Friend FREE which also means the LEARN TO CROSSFIT cycle starts over as well for anyone new!

Every 3 weeks we want you to have 2 opportunities to get friends or family into the door at CFR, by offering either a fun yet simple Saturday workout, but also the New Learn to Crossfit cycle that restarts every 3 weeks!

So come show your friends around, and have them join you for a challenging yet simple workout, that will leave them with that layer of sweat and feeling of accomplishment, all for free!

The “Learn To” Crossfit starts next week on Monday the 17th at 6:30pm, to make it an easy transition for anyone! Newbies don’t have to be here on Saturday, but it’s just another opportunity for them to try us out!  Hope to see some new faces!

#Fitness4Everyone #LearnToCrossFit #CFRFamily #DrinkTheKoolAid

Conditioning WOD – 35 minutes

Teams of 2

0:00 – 15:00

For time:
50 Synchronized wall balls 20/14
30 DB Alt. Snatch 50/35 R/L=2
40 Synchronized wall balls
30 DB Alt. Snatch
30 Synchronized wall balls
30 DB Alt. Snatch

then 15:00 – 25:00

From the rack, find a 1 rep back squat total as a team

then 25:00 – 35:00

From the rack, find a 5 rep shoulder to overhead total as a team

  • On wall balls no matter what combination of male or female you have, you may pick either a 10 foot or 9 foot target to be able to be right next to each other.
  • If you do not finish WOD 1 in the 15 minutes, no problem.  Your score will be to add one sec per rep not completed onto the 15 minute cap (ex – 15 reps left – time is 15:15)
  • Do not drop dumbbells from anywhere above waist
  • DB snatch reps can be split however needed between teammates, as long as each teammate does at least 1 rep before moving onto the next movement
  • Both heads of the DB must touch the ground each rep
  • On back squat and shoulder to overhead, you cannot have your bar loaded but only weights beside them prior to starting.

Post team names and time of WOD, total of 1 rep back squat and total of 5 rep shoulder to overhead!