Team W.O.D. Monday 12/11/17


Team W.O.D. Monday 12/11/17

The Friday 7am Competitor’s class after the workout…  hard to smile after that one 🙂


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  3. Reminder that we now offer Noon classes now on Mon, Wed and Friday!  

  4. NEW MENU! Meal Prepping Partnership with Fit Dish – place orders by Sunday and/or Tuesday at midnight for affordable, healthy, cooked meals delivered to CFR for your convenience.  Order at – call 683-7758 with any questions

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  6. CFR Massage – Mon, Tue and Wed ALL DAY at CFR $1/minute, informal before or after your workout- Call 732-5433 for an appointment with Sarah

  7. CFR Mobility Class – Mon/Thur 8:30AM/5:45PM with our onsite Physical Therapist. “Like” HavenRX on Facebook or click here for weekly videos and updates

  8. CFR Yoga – Tue 7:30PM/Thursday 10:15AM- Unlimited use only $10 monthly OR $5 drop-in for all members and non-members

Team Conditioning EMOM – 35 min cap

2 person team must complete 100 Thrusters 135/95 for time

Every minute on the minute… 1 team member completes 5 burpees then completes as many Thrusters as possible with the time remaining. At the top of next minute the other partner completes 5 burpees and performs as many Thrusters as possible. Alternate each minute until the team has reached 100 Thrusters.

Once completed…

The team must them immediately complete 50 calories on the bike, taking turns as often as needed – TOTAL TIME IS THE SCORE.

*Coaches – if larger class, consider starting half of the class 5 minutes into the workout to avoid build up on air bike

*Due to larger classes, if bikes are all taken at any given time, then you may row for calories ONLY AS A LAST RESORT.  You may not choose rowing over biking.

*Scaling- if either teammate is having trouble finishing all 5 burpees within the minute, scale down to a burpee count that takes no more than 40 seconds, allowing possible time for thrusters

*If odd number of people, teams of 1 may complete 50 thrusters for time, completing 5 burpees and max thrusters every other on minute on the minute (every 2 minutes) and then completing 25 cals on the bike 


Post total time of the workout!