Team W.O.D. Saturday 7/27/19


Team W.O.D. Saturday 7/27/19


“When you have one foot in the past, and one in the future, you piss on the present.” – Dan Harris

It’s fun to think about the future, and it’s easy to dwell on the past.
What is more challenging is to put the thought power into the present – what is directly in front of us. Right now.

Nothing is insignificant. From the most subtle acts at home between family members, to the minor conversation at work. We never know when it’s our last moment.

It’s less of a morbid thought, and more of a recognition of how fast our lives can be. When everything becomes significant, nothing is more important than right now.

Team W.O.D. – 30 minute cap

Teams of 3 complete…

4 Rounds For Time (30 Minute Time Cap):

800m Odd object run (use single DB 50/35)
60-50-40-30 reps of…
Front Squats

Barbell Weights:
Males: 115-135 -155-175
Females: 85-95-105-115


  • Teams of 3 will use one Dumbbell and one barbell
  • Weight increases after each round
  • Teams run together, with one partner carrying the weight at a time
  • Split reps and run distances inside and how you see fit


  • Likely choosing our barbell weight based on the push jerk
  • Should be able to complete 20, 15, 10, and 5 reps unbroken respectively on the push jerks when fresh
  • Teammates can use multiple barbells if using different weights


  • If unable to DB Run, choose a weighted run of some kind
  • If unable to Run in general:
    • 55/40 Calorie Bike
    • 1000 Meter Row
    • Machine Until Teammates Return


  • Flow of Workout:
    800 Meter Team Run
    60 Reps of Everything (115/85)
    800 Meter Team Run
    50 Reps of Everything (135/95)
    800 Meter Team Run
    40 Reps of Everything (155/105)
    800 Meter Team Run (175/115)
    30 Reps of Everything
  • Must complete all the deadlifts before moving onto the front squats and so on…
  • If you hit the 30 minute cap, put 30:00 as score and put reps completed in the notes

Pausing Deadlift
Our pause in the deadlift will happen just and inch below the knee. The 2 second pause here will help athletes slow the first pull to keep their hips and shoulders rising at the same time.

Movement Prep
5 Pausing Deadlifts
5 Deadlifts

Pausing Front Squat
Our pause in the front squat will happen in the bottom position. This pause gives athletes a couple seconds to focus on elbows up, knees out, and heels down.

Movement Prep
5 Pausing Front Squat
5 Front Squats

Pausing Push Jerk
Our pause on the front squat will happen in the initial dip in the front rack and the catch overhead. The pause in the dip reinforces balance and the pause in the catch brings a focus to catching in a quarter squat with elbows locked out overhead.

Movement Prep
5 Pausing Push Jerks
5 Push Jerks


  • Resting twice as long as we work, so looking to push the pace a little on the barbell
  • Switch before you start to slow down and be prepared to adjust the game plan as needed
  • Communicate what total rep number you are on, not how many reps you did


  • Running as a team, so adjust pace to average speed of the 3 athletes
  • Stick relatively together instead of sprinting ahead and catching up


  • Rounds 1&2: Switch Around 5-10 Reps
  • Rounds 3&4: Switch Around 3-5 Reps