TEAM W.O.D. Thursday 5/6/21


TEAM W.O.D. Thursday 5/6/21

*Daily WOD and Endurance will be the same today!

*Team of 3

12 min time cap

Find a 1 rep bench press

*Score is total of all 3 lifts
*12 minutes is not a long time to find a 1 rep. Get heavy, but not injured. Take jumps in weight that make sense.
*if odd number of athletes, team of 2 are fine here. Just mention it in the notes.

20 min cap- Teams of 3…

*Splitting reps however desired

For time…

150 Bench Press 155/105
150 KB Swings 70/55

*One athlete must always be completing a 200m Med Ball run. 30/20
When athlete 1 comes back they must hand off the ball to another athlete, taking their place before further reps continue, and now athlete 2 starts back on a run. Once started bench or KB reps can resume where left off… Continue to rotate the med ball run through the team until all reps are completed…

*If odd number of athletes, teams of 2 will need to cut the reps to 100 with no running on bench press so there is always a spotter available. Running may start with KB swings. (teams of 1 should shadow another athlete with their own bench… if larger class and benches are not available, coaches please divide a team of 3 and make a team of 2 here.)

*Weight on bench press needs to be what you consider moderately heavy weight (when fresh can do 10+ reps with that weight)… yes, this will get hairy

*Athletes need to use the same bar, but be ready to load and deload if needed based on their teammates

*If you did not finish, add number of reps as seconds to the 20 min cap (ex – 50 KB swings left = 20:50)